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  1. nope, only thing i noticed was when you hide beind something. happened maybe once or twice. everything goes black, you can only see your enemies and your side kicks, no background
  2. no lag here as well, it might be on your end. (connection)
  3. Well not really a glitch but if the host turns out the auto timer to restart, it will restart with all the same people in the room after the rank game is over. The host can then stop the timer and pick a map.
  4. That is messed up, i ordered mine March 3rd got it overnighted and received it yesterday... PS. The game is HOTTTT!!!!
  5. I am getting it today from UBI it is on the FedEx truck right now. I will post something or if you have any question. Let me know. Also most of you should be getting tomorrow anyways.
  6. Check out the article on GRAW at teamxbox.com videos are looking on the HD version. http://www.teamxbox.com
  7. i hope as well, i just thought i would post that info.
  8. http://www.xbox.com/en-US/community/portal...ix-20060217.htm
  9. UK release date: Xbox 360: 10th March 2006 ~-~ Xbox: 17th March 2006 US release date: 9th March 2006
  10. http://www.pro-g.co.uk/news/nid/794/2314/ I hope this is not true.
  11. does not work, saying file not there or exceed bandwidth. try rapid share...
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