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  1. Aiming is difficult? Hmmm...not at all IMO And personally i'd rather had the game alittle bit harder, more enemies on the map and stuff. Although i'm far into mission 3 now and things are getting hectic, but i like a challenge alot, so that's good...i want the gameto be hard, i don't want to be able to go trough it quickly without being killed several times. I was kinda worried at first, since i went trough the first two levels rather quickly, cause of the cover-peek move you can use, it becomes quite a bit easier to kill your enemy, on a forum i read something that the game's gonna ge
  2. Well, RSE could've done it just like GR2 and SS< shoot at tires and nothing happens, well i'd rather have tires falling off when i shoot them instead of that nothing happens.
  3. Yeah i was impressed with the details....such a big leap from the previous GR's. Cause you could never do such things, it's awesome.
  4. Screenshots taken when i was playing GRAW on my projector. http://s62.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3LGIEW9...FY04TFA0Y6MUDVU Some movies http://s50.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=39D3O4N...0327KVMWGILIL9Q http://s50.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=07HNMT5JN6R40ELJNVIG2AQYH two movies from the SP and rest is MP, enjoy .
  5. I'm sorry To soften the pain alittle, i could make some movies of it with my mobile phone and put them online, anyone interested?
  6. Yesterday after work i picked it upfrom the store along with Fight Night 3. What's so damn nice about all this that , it was a complete surprise. last week we got to hear that the game would release in europe(Holland here) this friday, then i called my shop and they told me that the game could very well be out on wednesday, when i got back from work last monday my bro told me the shop said they would have the game tuesday(yesterday) and it was true...and that's what i call a pleasant surprise Anyway,the game... What an unbelieveably ###### amazing game. I was already amazed with
  7. Yes tomorrow my gameshop will have the game in the morning, i can't wait to pick it up after work. Oh and i'm from The Netherlands, and the fact we getting this game the same time as the US is quite special.
  8. My bro called the shop...they will have it tomorrow for sale already, WHOOOOAAAAHHH!!! So one more day of work and then finally GRAW time.
  9. Check out www.dimensionplus.nl and click on the GRAW box https://www.dynabyte.nl/article.php?i=1597 The first link is a shop where i always go to for my games, always very very fast, maaaaan...not friday but wednesday is already GRAW time.oh HELL YES!
  10. I got only two questions... 1-How is the enemy A.I. in the SP mode? Compared to the previous GR games, how much smarter are they? 2-How's the A.I. of your team members, do they get in your way often or are you impressed with it?
  11. That stuff about sound is ridiculous, sound has always been awesome in the GR games, and just by watching some GRAW gameplay movies you can hear how great everything sounds.
  12. Yeah, but thats singleplayer, the MP however doesnt look as spectacular, still impressivw though.
  13. definitely not, i cant wait to try SP out. And i've seen the new MP vids on Teamxbox and very impressed with those, so i'm kinda changing my view on it now, i'm seeing good things And i only see nothing but praise for GRAW, so there's nothing wrong with some criticism.
  14. Wow, finally some MP videos that really impress me, talking about WAR man, good looking!!!!!
  15. That's very good then, terrorist hunt on all maps, that's definitely a relief. cause i love to play those maps with other players against the computer, always did that.
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