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  1. Oz-ares, I want to start by saying GREAT work on the video, it really inspired me. I actually have a probably simple question for ya that has to do with the camera angles you get in your video. I myself have never made a GRAW2 movie before, but I have made a handful of GRAW1 coop movies... my movies are from a inner-clan coop tournament I held about a year back... the movies themself include the teamspeak convo going while we are playing, the in-game sound, and ambient music playing aswell. Now my main focus is on how I can get the superb camera angles you got in this great vid
  2. i suppose that would be great... I wouldn't even mind having tanks be destroyable by 40mm rounds lol... It's just a pain in the butt when your team is doing excellent in a Ghost Recon coop map and you have to tell your AT to take out a tank, run out and get killed on purpose, spawn back in with another AT round, and take out the next tank.... and so on... When if my AT had 10 AT rounds or a means of supply, I wouldn't have to order my man to kill himself for ammo... lol
  3. hate to bring up an old topic, but in most custom Ghost Recon maps there are more than 1 armor threat in the level... this gets agrivating because we can only take one at weapon per person... if there is a way to mod the ZEUS to have more ammo that would be sufficient, anyone have any idea how to go about this? or is the ZEUS a permanent 1 shot and dispose weapon? [Post split into a new thread - Please don't dig up a 3 year old single post thread]
  4. brettzies... i've been using your mod for ages now in GRAW... here are a few movies i've made with friends using your mod... http://www.veoh.com/videos/v162432149dpabzEd -and- http://www.veoh.com/videos/v16666411n3j3enrK you can tell the game is a bit modified... I use the M8 with your weapon sounds for the M4, I just feel the default sound for the M8 is just bleak and not interesting, the M4 sound you put in has some punch feeling to it... my fav weapon nowadays is the SCAR-H in GRAW with the eotech sights... you have to watch your ammunition as their is barely any 7.62mm r
  5. download isn't up... I've been tryin my hardest to figure out how to add full support on cross com (aka arty, apache, and the f15 @ all times) for a while now. This seemed like the closest thing to it.... CRAP Can anyone point me in the right direction to getting started on adding full support to each GRAW level. I tried adding this code... <element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id="f15" start_time="4.0"/> <element type="SupportDone" vehicle_id="f15" start_time="2.0"/> <element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id="apache_tank_run" start_time="25.0"/> &l
  6. I meet all of the requirements of the game by far. I inserted the DVD-Rom after purchasing the game and an explorer window comes up with the contents of the cd... Support folder, setup.dll, autorun, autorun.ini, btns, data1, data 2, graw2 icon, issetup.dll, layout.bin, main.dxr, setup.gif, setup.exe, setup.cfg, setup.inx, and start The "start" application doesn't do a thing, setup.exe gives me a grey box with a big red circle X at the top left under the blue bar, and an ok thing at the bottom right, which closes the box and doesn't do a thing. AND when i try to run autorun manually it give
  7. kk, now it's good in game, but in the menu and squad loadout, runs like crap, all in all, it's not THAT big, in game it's fine. Still if their's another solution out there it would be appreciated. the dual core assigning did the trick
  8. Hi, my clanmate is having issues when GRAW is loaded while he's on teamspeak. When he loads up the game, he gets considerable teamspeak lag at the menu. We haven't tried playing the game with him yet, but he cant even understand us in teamspeak to get in properly. He doesn't have any problems with any other game, only when ghost is loaded, no-one else has a problem so it is not teamspeak. I know this game uses a good amount of upload bandwith and he does have wireless, but i figured that would be once he got on the game, not when he just gets it loaded up. He just bought a new computer so it
  9. he took a very quick ###### 2, then was back in time for combat...
  10. over 12GB .........lol.... worth it though in the end
  11. http://files.filefront.com/ctmoviewmv/;410...;/fileinfo.html I just got done with my clan training video, it has music at first, but then goes into the teamspeak conversation, showing the reality of life as a GR clan soldier.
  12. k no prob, just got done readin the rules, sound all good and common sense...
  13. one more question......... is this sig too big???
  14. Anyone know how to change their username in the GR forums???? i've been tryin to figure it out for awhile now, and i've finally stumped into askin u guys how to do it, cuz it wont let me register a new account with the same email.... thanks...
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