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  1. It is important too, remember in GR1 when you were hit ! You bleed and you breath and you can hear that you are hurted badly... In GRAW 1 & 2, I believe that the armor is much better than in GR1 but after 2 hits in your arm or legs or shoulder than we can see bleeding effect and also breathing . One more thing, in SP when for example Brown or other is hit, he fall down ! Except for mitchell he is standing like ROBOCOP its funny ! GRIN you're doing an amazing job I know, It takes a LOT of time to do it (I was a programmer once), but please every fun & player of GR GRAW 1 and GRAW2 will be very happy and pleased i f you can add this, even if it will be in a future patch ! GOOD JOB GRIN
  2. Also, even if you are running for 10 min you will not hear the ghost breathing ... I've tried it ! This is not realistic at all !!! Even if there are the most atletics guys in this world Please GRIN do something about it !!!! GRAW 1 has the same pb !!!! I've seen in bundle file from the beta that there is breathing_wave.bank as in GRAW1 but there is no sound for breathing ...
  3. Better yet... dubb it in African Click Language, that way we're all in the dark. ( Yes, there really is such a thing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Click_language ) How many language do you guys speack ? This is a GhostRecon web so any news in any language (even Arabic or African or Japanese) can be posted. And I've translated from French to English . If you don't understand just look at the video till the English version will come out !
  4. Have you tried to lock the CAPS ? I've changed the default keys and they work just fine ! NUM1 NUM2 ...
  5. I know what you mean man. Its just like armed assault. The game is based on the US military but it debuted in EVERY OTHER FREAKIN COUNTRY ON THE PLANET FIRST with the USA being DEAD L A S T!!! Extremely annoying. You're right ! I prefer all in the same time ! Some times as for GRAW2 Xbox360, all the updates were in english in the official Ubisoft website and only one or 2 days after in french Ubisoft website ! Even if GRAW2 was elaborated in Montreuil (a sub. near Paris) ! So this how MARKETING works....weird and annoying
  6. Geez even the Chicago Cubs can field a team, but it doesn't mean they're any good UBISOFT -->French GRIN --> Swedish Now is EU
  7. Try to learn franch !! Well I tried to translate from French to English ! New version of Diesel Engine : GRAW 1----> Diesel 6 GRAW 2 ----> Diesel 7 Same mini. Spec for PC as GRAW 1 They optimised and made the game compatible for QUAD Core, Ageia Physx Cards and for Nvidia 8800 graphic card. They are more nice options, like AI unhased, Dynamic lights and shadows with for example a night mission that ends with a sunrise. The new smoke effect interact with the enemy AI, they will hide and take cover when they will see smoke grenade. The Ghosts can move without being seen through the smoke as it was for GRAW 1. AND he said that when GRAW2 will be released, GRIN will prepare a TEAM to play against online, so be prepared !!!!
  8. Motor Engine : Diesel 7 Game optimized for QuadCore and also Ageia Physx and nvidia 8800 Now we can pop smok grenade and the AI won't see us and they take cover when they see smoke !!!!! link: http://ghostrecon.fr.ubi.com/graw2/media.php?subs=vids Have fun on the Demo !
  9. Yes you can !!!! Try right click on your mouse, it works as GRAW ! But I don't understand why there are two keys to throw frags ans smoke ? Any answers from GRIN will be appreciated
  10. In SP you can edit every missionxx.xml and put : <element type="ShowInventory" tutorial="true" disable_weapon="predator" start_time="3.0"/> you can add and try : disable_weapon="scarl" disable_weapon="scarh" disable_weapon="m8" disable_weapon="crye" all in one line and try !!! I haven't tried it so .....
  11. Hi ! The game is much stable and the graphics are more detailed and better than the Beta. Very good job GRIN !!! I have to repport on bug : When I throwed a Grenade on a Track, it explosed but the doors were floating around and everywhere ! I think it's a pb in the physics setting and collision probably. The doors don't fall down but they were flying around Some sound issues, but I don't remember when and where It's 2:30 in Paris and I'm sleepy sorry Have fun
  12. Down Boy Down. Small update. It will be released between the 7th and 18th June Map is singe same as MP Beta. Calavera. Mod will be Recon verses asssault, as too the Beta. I suspect the Filplanet dudes will get a week ahead of us. Map is singe same as mp beta, calevera mod will be recon v assault ...i don't quite follow you on this. The Demo is the same as the Beta was, but refined of course. Hi guys, the french web site of GRAW says that the demo will be released June 7th at 6.00pm !!! Jeudi 31.05.07 Une date pour la démo multijoueur de GRAW2 PC ! La démo multijoueur de Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 PC, annoncée il y a quelques semaines, a maintenant une date ! En effet cette démo, qui permettra aux joueurs de livrer bataille sur la carte Calavera (sur laquelle a pris place le beta test) dans le mode Recon vs Assault, sera disponible dès le 7 Juin à 18h ! Rendez-vous dans une semaine ! This is a goooooooooooooooooooooooood news NB It will be the same as the beta Recon vs Assault
  13. !!!!!!!!! TEASER !!!!!!!! Hi everybody, Here is a teaser of my ALPHA status of "Ready for Bear" Enjoy ! Salut tout le monde ! Je viens de passer au stade ALPHA ! J'ai fait qq modifications et rajouté qq videos et compositions pour que ça l'air plus reel ! Voici un extrait : http://www.4shared.com/dir/2828245/cf2727ad/sharing.html Does anybody tried this mission or not ! If so please give me feedbacks Sincerly Yours StormB.E
  14. Mission 6 and Mission 2(with some modifications) Beta Status. On mission 6, after escorting the tanks to the Depot, and after the briefing for the artilery, take right and see the fireworks ! http://www.4shared.com/dir/2828245/cf2727ad/sharing.html
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