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  1. I'll try my luck Steam username: benjanssen
  2. Been a while now, i assume there is no news? :s
  3. I did a domaincheck the other day. But i haven't tried contacting him that way, i was hoping someone knew more here Anyway, let's wait and see! If someone manages to talk with him, just tell him Blood Oil is getting closer and closer to releasing
  4. http://www.heroesunleashed.net/ is now down ... ApexMods was last active @ 27th September 2009 ... The last thing we, Ghostleague, heard is that he was very ill and had to go to the hospital... I don't know.. something isn't right, someone that passionate about GR and his mod, always browsing the forum.. just dissapears.. Is there anyone in contact with Apex?
  5. Frostbite had a lot of winter maps Or, maybe you're using a map called December? That's all i can tell you really. It would be a lot easier to recognize the map if i see a picture of it (command map) because, for me at least, the map name doesn't ring a bell. But to be honest I'm probably not the best guy to answer your question.
  6. Things like that are usefull yes I'll check them out when i have time later this week (i hope)... damn exams and reports I'll have a look at some mods to see if i see something useful for our league. And don't worry, we're aware of copyrights and ownership etc We really respect your ("the modders") work Thanks again Tinker!
  7. Thanks so much Just some feedback & questions: If i don't select a team my guy starts at the insertion zone ("the mission") and if i select a team i spawn at one of the 4 basespawns (red, blue, gold/yellow, green). I noticed the kitrestrictions are different also then. This is ''standard'' then? I seems the mission and HH gametype are running at the same time or something. I am just wondering what would happen if we run this mission in a public server and not every player ''teams up''. It seems like it's possible to have a 5th team then. (blue, red, yellow, green & insertion zone) All tanks fire at me! I assume i can turn this off? I'm required to take M136. (related to the question above). Since i am still fairly new to modding, maybe you or anyone else can tell me if there are some kind of ''model packs''. I'm looking for objects like ''wooden panels/walls'' and other nice things, besides vehicles, i can add in a map. Once again, Thanks! - Ben
  8. Hello all, Like the description already says... I am trying to add simple objects or vehicles into Multiplayer maps, just like you can add a gun turrets in the map. Everyone that has ever played Ghost Recon online (Team vs Team) knows certain spawns have a huge disadvantage compared with the other 3 spawns in the map. Take Red Square for example, all 4 spawns are in one of the 4 corners of that big square in the south. But the spawn that is northwest - near the entrance to that huge central building in the map - can't really escape in most cases. Even if you play with only 2 teams with Random Insertion Zones on -> It only takes one quick peek at that corner to completely block that team from ever leaving their corner. So, the perfect solution (besides adding very thick fog) is adding some extra cover (objects, still standing vehicles) so the other spawns on the maps can't see that corner very well, but also to give the normally trapped team a way to fight back by slowly advancing from object to object. tl;dr: How to add objects or vehicles in Multiplayer: Team vs Team (LMS, HH etc) maps? Maybe it's really easy, but i couldn't get it done. In the end i was trying to create a mission without any bots,but with vehicles on tactical spots, that has the HH or LMS gametype objective as highest priority. That was the idea atleast, i don't know how to get it to work though. Did someone already manage to make something like this? Any help? Tips? Downloads? I want to use these ''new'' improved maps for Ghostleague ('0' respawns, HH-Warzone-Domination competition). Right now we are only using maps with 4 equal spawns, so all spawns have about 25% chance of winning the round. All maps that we couldn't modify into a fair map (like Red Square or Riverbed) were removed from the mod we created. (if spawn determines who wins... you get it ) Thanks for reading guys! Kind regards, Ben
  9. At first i thought it was a 'work in progress' screenshot of one of the characters for the upcoming GR title [after seeing the little picture on the frontpage]
  10. You're there for work WK? (Seeing some pics of construction sites etc) Or are you studying our water defenses WK -> Vlissingen (The Netherlands) Have fun in NL
  11. Here are a couple of examples; 'Live recording': http://files.filefront.com/Castle+Day+Done...;/fileinfo.html http://files.filefront.com/Embassy+Done+Qu...;/fileinfo.html 'Match footage': http://files.filefront.com/Beyond+Reality+...;/fileinfo.html http://files.filefront.com/Feel+The+Rage/;...;/fileinfo.html http://files.filefront.com/Best+bits+from+...;/fileinfo.html 'Random / Atmosphere-ish' http://files.filefront.com/Ghost+Recon+For...;/fileinfo.html Or; http://downloads.vega-community.org/videos...ors_tribute.rar (500-600 mb) Excellent use of special effects and 3D stuff I'll list every fragmovie with some pictures and a description i uploaded to GRnet soon Applications: - Fraps to record 'what you see' to raw .avi files - VirtualDub to do some basic editting, and to convert the raw avi into a much smaller size (like mp3 for videos), for example 'divx' or 'xvid'. Alternatively (professional video-editting software); - Adobe Premiere - Sony Vegas If you're familiar with PhotoShop then Premiere is probably easier to 'get into', otherwise i'd suggest Vegas (pretty straightforward really). glhf
  12. From my experience the graphics card is most important. I think THAT sets a server apart from handling 15-20 people with GL or grenades, or a completely full server. But i was never able to really pinpoints what made our server so good (2004/2005). You don't need the latest Ati or nvidia, but... something decent.. and i can't tell you more then this sadly, perhaps someone else knows more about this
  13. Well, we used to run TeamSpeak besides GR dedi and everytime we had a couple of World of Warcraft players visiting our TS we got much more traffic than normal TS usage. I mentioned this because we had a limit of 100 gb per month, you'll never reach that amount if you run GR only. And i think a 10 mbit line is enough already, GR really doesn't require a lot of data. I believe it's something like 3-5 kbit/second per player*. You can also 'see' this when observing people or watching replays. Servers 'record'/'receive' almost nothing from players, that's why it has to 'extrapolate' a lot of movements ('guessing' how people aim, where they are walking to) etc. ( * I once monitored it on our server, i believe it was something like that but i am not sure at all anymore. ) This causes what we call 'lagdancing' or 'sniperdance (?)'. Sometimes when people get shot at in the open they try and dodge by running left and right, backwards and forwards. And because of GR's limited incoming data from players it had to guess where you are going... and that's where things go wrong The plus side of this is that this 'netcode' allows international competition, while in games like Call of Duty 20-30 ms ping (think about it! It's nothing!) is a reasonable difference, and 50-60 ms (1/20th of a second) ping difference is close to unacceptable. If anyone doesn't agree with this he/she hasn't played competitive CoD at the highest level. I'm pretty sure future GR's won't allow international competition anymore, i don't know any modern game that has a netcode like GR's anymore. Ping matters, that's why 'ping2win' as expression
  14. Easiest thing you can do is asking a gameserver company to run Ghost Recon for you. But it's gonna be expensive since they can't run (m)any other gameservers or applications on it since GR requires so much cpu/gpu/memory (?). What i mean is that's it's more interesting for them to run 5 or 6 counter strike server on 1 server with different ports, and perhaps a couple of teamspeak or ventrilo servers instead of a badly coded hogging GR server So, your alternative is buying the hardware needed to co-locate your server in one of Amsterdam's serverparks - since, in my opinion, you get best connectivity/ping in whole Europe and a very good connection to the outside (US/Canada). The alternative option is cheaper, but you need to get your hardware there (in one of those parks) and you need to rent or buy a little device that allows you to reboot or close/start the server if it doesn't respond or for whatever reason. So you can always control it from a distance. You only pay for the space your server requires in the serverrack, and a monthly fee for a 'unlimited' 100mbit connection - Do you think you really need this? GR doesn't require so much, but Teamspeak/ventrilo requires much more - if the comms are busy. I used to own a server like this in 2003-2005'ish, we 'co-located' it in Amsterdam. As far as i know it was acclaimed as the best server at the time, it could handle 13 people, infinite respawns, training map, everyone picked MM1 and possibly arcade mode. Not many servers can handle this, well... at the time - not sure how good things are right now. (Server was called 'Heidi' And was mainly used by Shattered Dreams or International Task Force for Clanbase/theIGS matches) - ben
  15. Indeed... there are some incredible maps in this mod. Imo Rocky should highlight this topic/mod in the News section.. The following maps are really really good: G17 Lake Retreat GD03 Shanty Town (lol) G12 Penitentiary GD04 The Mine GD09 Strongpoint G10 Jungle Camp These maps aren't superb, but still very decent. G16 Subway G07 Farmstead The rest wasn't really very interesting or not suitable for Hamburger Hill play. There are also some 'aimmaps' in this mod. Anyway, if you are still unsure then go ahead and download these maps and check them out in FireFight mode or something.
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