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  1. Me too I re-installed this game after several months of not playing it. My system has changed some. Antec1200 case DFI DK MOBO Q6600 @2.4ghz 2gb DDR2(800) ram 160gb Seagate 700W PSU 9800 GTX+ Win XP Pro I get to the multiplayer browser and when I click on a server to join I keep waiting and waiting and waiting. to the point where I alt tab and have to ctrl +del and esc and more to shut it down. -My firewall is off. -I can get into campain VERY SLOWLY -when I try to join multiplayer and I wait long enough **the map name dissapears **a red dot appears at the top left of my screen **I get a message saying I timed out with the server. any ideas?
  2. Same problem I re-installed this game after several months of not playing it. My system has changed some. Antec1200 case DFI DK MOBO Q6600 @2.4ghz 2gb DDR2(800) ram 160gb Seagate 700W PSU 9800 GTX+ Win XP Pro I get to the multiplayer browser and when I click on a server to join I keep waiting and waiting and waiting. to the point where I alt tab and have to ctrl +del and esc and more to shut it down. -My firewall is off. -I can get into campain VERY SLOWLY -when I try to join multiplayer and I wait long enough **the map name dissapears **a red dot appears at the top left of my screen **I get a message saying I timed out with the server. any ideas?
  3. I'm not sure this is the place for this. I just wanted to let everyone know that almost everyone from the GRAW2 division over at xtremeeagles has left and joined a new clan that is currently under construction. www.LethalBrigade.com All =XE= servers will be renamed to =LB= so please keep an eye out and add us to your favorites. Thanks =LB=Specter
  4. Who cares about the glitchers. We ban em. Id rather see more content.
  5. I have one to add. Id like to know who dies when in a shoot out. If I die Id like to see if they died.
  6. I agree with you 100Percent. But have you seen the map variety? AMAZING. Have you seen the kill cam? Have you seen all the full servers? I don't like the game play too much. Way too fast. But I am sure you will see the Positives will outway the bad and until another game can compete with that. COD4 will reign supreme. Crysis soon. Next month ppl will be saying GRAW2? Huh?
  7. I would pay 10 bucks extra for more maps. But lets face it guys. GRAW2 is dead for PC. It never took off and thats why they wont support it.
  8. I have been toying with our mod server and I'm having big time trouble with rounds and match lengths. This is what I want. Only 2 rounds. No tie breaker. But... on limited spawns. Everything works fine provided it runs the times out.. BUT.. If the other team becomes eliminated due to max deaths being reached the server plays an extra round. I have tried match time = 8 minutes and round time =8 minutes. thats my problem. then I try match time = 8 minutes and round time =0 minutes and it gets caught in a continuous loop. Such a bad loop i could not admin to change maps to save settings, I had to shut the server down. What should my code be for this? Is there a way to just say rounds = 2? or maybe I should indicate the round time = 8 minutes and match time = 0? and why does the server allow either one of the times to continue if the round is over?
  9. This is merely a guide. Its not perfect, but its what I ask the admins to follow. GRAW KICK/BAN PROTOCOL Reasons for kick 1. pings over 300. 2. Swearing. 3. Cheat accusations. 4. Nading Spawn areas 5. Glitching (ie. climbing on rooftops, being in areas not on map). 6. Bad mouthing XE. 7. Excesive team killing. **Occurances do NOT have to be the same reason for every warning. Steps to follow Warnings For poor behavior First Warning: 1. Warn offenders in capital letters. 2. Take a screen shot 2. If Player Fails to respond. Kick player from server. Second Warning: 1. If Player Rejoins and continues poor behavior again. 2. Warn offender a second time in capital letters, 3. Take a screen shot. 4. If Player Fails to respond. Ban player from server for 1 hour. Follow up 1. Post a debriefing in the XE only/GRAW XE section of forums. -Include banned players name -Both Screen shots hosted by Photobucket or some other host. -If a 1hour banned player is able to rejoin the XE server his name MUST be in the forums. - If it is NOT you must revert to First Warning for future offences. -Server Admins should keep a list of players that have already been banned for 1hour. Last Warning: 1. Last warning constitues a final ban. 2. If a player needs to be warned after the follow up is in place Admins may move directly to ban. 3. Send a message as such. /MSG ***DEATH BANNED FOR EXCESIVE WARNINGS *** 4. Take a Screen shot and add it to the follow up. ***This protocol is in effect to protect the integrity of the admins that run the GRAW server ***Any players banned on the GRAW server without follow up posts will be UN-BANNED per request. ***If a player is banned from the GRAW server without a follow up post in forums and that player joins forums to complain. A public apology will be made on behalf of XE and the GRAW division and the banned player will be unbanned. ***If you do not have the patience to Admin the server to these rules then DO NOT admin the server. **************************************************************************************************** ADMINS: DO NOT TOUCH THE SERVER FILES OR MOD THE SETTINGS MANUALLY. DO NOT SHARE THE PASSWORD WITH ANYONE ALWAYS USE THE 'o' Console when entering commands NEVER the GAME CHAT
  10. I cant help but to feel some comments in other topics were directed towards XE. I know that some issues are extremely difficult to handle, unfortunately the game is not set up to allow administrators to do their jobs effectively and 100percent fair. You all must admit that GRAW2 is just a game that will come and go. Perhaps a little quicker than previous titles. All I am trying to do is make the guys in XE happy. Please remember. XE members help donate to play on servers that they feel comfortable playing on. If They find someone that they don't feel comfortable with.... weather its not following the rules, insulting XE or Questionable game play I do NOT have a problem with them removing the players in question from the servers. We do have a ban protocol which I will post following this post. We do our best to follow the protocol but sometimes there is soo much going on it can be difficult to get everything down right... and lets face it. Who wants to get into an argument when they are just trying to play a few games. If I could admin my admins I would. LOL. If someone could tell me how to admin them I would love to know. To me so far the bans are not out of control and there have not been many complaints. As a matter of speak, The XE server is NOT a public server. If I could make the server invite only I would but locking the server would have some obviously bad effects. My own opinions. 1. I love spawn rape. I have NO problems when it is done to me, its challenging to get out of. I would love to have immortal time set to 0. I set the server to what popular demand is from my clan. right now 10 seconds. 2. I love to play with gl's. I think when your getting raped it can be your only way to defend yourselves out of the spawn. Once again I set the server to popular demand. right now No gl's. 3. Everyone will admin the server differently, but I recommend they follow the XE GRAW2 division ban protocol If you donate to the clan and you are XE and you can prove yourself level headed you WILL get admin to the GRAW2 server. We currently have NO problems keeping the server full. The XE GRAW2 division seems pretty happy with the way things are going and there is generally little complaints. So in short. Keep the many admins happy and there will be no problems. If you have a server of your own play how you want.
  11. Yeah, we have some video of you not reloading your M99 on many occasions. we have video of the guy next to you reloading but you never seem to reload.. Hack.. I dont know. Like rocko said. We have too many problems and with the new introduction of this free cheat thats floating around, which by the way allows you to do exactly what we see in the video. I think its easier to just ban questionables. As for rockos ban. I dont dissagree that we have some Over anxious banners. We had an all hands on deck meeting to discuss the issue. NO ONE should be banning for NADE kills only Launcher kills. If you don't see a trail of smoke and a death then you shouldn't ban. All you had to do is is PM me or post in forums. I don't recall seeing a post from you. You are respected in the GR community and I'm sure you were not using a gl. Rocko I will un-ban you. personally I hate the NO gl server. It involves too much administering. I also don't think there should be restrictions on the already restricted kits.
  12. Ruggbut check your PM's. Any XE member caught using a cheat will be banned from all servers and lose tags.
  13. ruggbutt, thanks for your opinions I sence some hostility. First of all...NOT EVERYONE has admin. So yes. some of them don't care because they cant really do anything about it. Second of all It is extremely frowned upon to accuse of cheating and Im so happy that you found some XE that actually stand by it an promote that policy. I Know that some of our guys let their mouths and opinions get the best of them and the last thing we want to do is accuse everyone thats a good player of cheating. Third until seeing this I have always felt the anticheat would not let anyone altering files into a server that was running with the anticheat on. Hence the altered game files disconnect. I have PROMOTED that NO ONE cheats and Yes I am definately wrong. We will more than likely be using a new policy for bans. XE voting. Heres how it will work. If there is a questionable player..... Like say rugbutt for instance. We are going to have an XE only vote to NOT allow that player to play on the server. No harm intended. were not accusing of cheating. We Just like our "house" as you would call it to look a certain way, and If the house is a mess we have to clean it. Perhaps we could call it the NEW GRAW2 XE anticheat. If we cant trust the anticheat to do its job then we have to do something.
  14. just wondering how I send this to grin? I PM'd the info to colin over at ubi forums.
  15. In an effort to find ways to prevent hackers from being on the XE server we feel constantly challenged to be one step ahead of the cheaters. This is the first that I have seen of an actual cheat that works on an open server with the anticheat on. Why is there a cheat available to the public free of charge that does NOT kick ppl for altered game files? How do we admin this?
  16. There are 2 ways that could happen. 1, UBI writes a good enough contract with Grin to do the conversion to PC. Also based on that Grin have spare people at the time. 2, UBI can do it themselves (or make RSE do it). UBI got the entire source code for GRAW2, as they requested in the contract. So they have everything except the experience of the engine and XML setup to do it themselves. I would like to convert some of the updated 360 maps for PC, if that question would arise. But it's not up to me, and I also guess they want me on the project I'm working right now as we have our hands full everyday on the tech side. Wofsong. Thanks for posting in my topic thread. Its nice to hear from someone that may have the inside scoop on serious issues for the PC gamer. Your last paragraph insinuates ubi does not want you working on the 360 conversion maps. Can you give us any information in regards to weather or not GRAW2 for PC will be getting any more stock maps? Arroyo has a sound issue we don't run that on our cycle. So that only leaves us with 7 tdm maps. I'm really bored with it.
  17. The expensive cost of PC building and the lack of support for PC games makes me question...... whats better? Should I bother with COD4 for the PC or should I just sell my PC and buy a X-Box? I'm very dissapointed with GRAW2 lack of support. I'm not sure if its just ubi or Grinn. I'm sure its all about where the monies at. What do you all think?
  18. Good point!! I had a guy paint the walls in my bathroom. thought he was my friend. He did some other work, plastering filling holes and so forth. My 500 dollar estimate turned in to 950. well, lets just say when my roof needed to be fixed. I didnt go to him. If Grin/ubi dont make good of this game. By the way. that makes GRAW1 and GRAW2 they didnt make good with. I wont be getting anything from them again either.
  19. I am so lost in all this conversation. But Does anyone think they will release original GR maps just like they did for the 360? Man o Man between the release of COD4 and the next GRAW2 patch im gonna have a nervous breakdown.
  20. LOL does it really matter who makes it, or even if it comes out? i wont buy another game from ubi. Im waiting to see 1 NON MODDED urban map for GRAW2. Then I will re- consider.
  21. Are the hash ID's the same? from GRAW1 and GRAW2?
  22. It is extremely obvious that when RvsA comes on the server looses about 30percent of its population immediately. Eventually the sides become very uneven. because NO ONE wants to play on the losing side they just quit game. Its rediculous. Ive never seen such POOR gaming community. Oh well. MODS are not working anyway. Show me one mod server that runs for more than 6hours when you dont have a slew of clan members playing on it. What ever happened to server sided mods? Like in [GR]>
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