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  1. any news on tracking the problem with the mod? or the map?
  2. When do u think u will be releasing this mod or the map u r working on?
  3. Wait this is your last map you r making ? or is there more to come
  4. i don't know why but when i play the AI r very delayed but watever it is still a very good mission. glad to hear that u working on more
  5. this a good map and i love the time of day u made the mission in but the AI have some serious issues. When u have to eliminate the enemy rebel base i ran around in the base (did not kill anyone) the they started to fire about 2 laps in . i think it would be a lot better if u can fix this problem thx
  6. r u trying to recreate all the GRAW mp maps? u should also try to find some servers to put these maps on
  7. I think that gr.net should set up a couple of servers with these new maps on and maybe start some tournaments, these r just suggestions that i think will try to bring life into this game.
  8. Any more maps coming? These r great so far,
  9. Well that didn't work but i think i will start from scratch. Deleyt helped me with one of my problems though. The island thunder textures were not working because i had the desert siege plugins in it but even with the new plugins it does not work. I dno't know what it is but i think i could built a better map in the time i tried to fix this one. Thanks anyway
  10. My thoughts exactly. I tripled checked it and it is exactly matching the picture and settings on page 3. I used a very small part of my map to be exported and it worked but when i tried to export the whole map 3ds max just froze and the export debug said the samething . Maybe the file is too big. My map was oringinally 16000kb but i reduced it too 4500kb still no difference. Well i don't know. I really do not want to start all over .
  11. Hey whats up everybody. I have a little problem with exporting the map from 3ds max. I try to export it to the folder withthe textures and roomlist(doublechecked ) and but then 3dsmax freezes and i have to close it. I checked what it said in the Export Debug and it shows: Faces clockwise: 0 Couldn't find id for surface property metal Now please someone tell me what this means i will really appreciate it. I would really like u to try out his map when its finish. I think it looks alright.
  12. Hi am making my own expansion pack which will probably be avaible in the summer. The maps are desert, urban maps so i'm looking for an experienced character skinner. For you;re interested you can pm me, Thanks. Oh by the way nice mods out there guys.
  13. Hey guys i have a little problem. See i am making my own mod(not for the competition because there is no way i can finish it in time.) Basically i intend it to be a unofficial expansion pack(i'm pretty good with graphic design). So anyway i was recently trying to put up a wall paper for the ghost recon main menu and i converted the image to rsb (only thing i did in the rsb editor) and created the shells and everything but the image when i load the game does not fit the screen it is way to big. Then I made it smaller but the problem got even worse. Can someone help me? Maybe i have to do something in the rsb editor? I need instructions please.
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