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  1. Hi all If possible to create a spawning area where a helicopter leave the players? I've seen maps where players after birth, you see a helicopter up, giving the feeling that had been left there for him. But if my memory is good, somebody got on a mission that the player could enter into a helicopter and fly over the map, then leave them in another area of the map. For the map I'm trying to do, it would be nice if the player gets closer to the area by helicopter (ideally boats but it certainly is not possible). Thanksssss
  2. First of all thank you very much for responding to the post, and congratulations on your forthcoming wedding !! We can not wait to see what surprises we will show. Thanks
  3. Greetings! Long time no visit the forum and come back with more questions... I'm trying to do an elevator ... in fact already been done, but the problem is that the "soldier proof" of the map editor, not inside the elevator, but it passes through it. It is as if the ground was not able to raise him. I leave a video and the file object (ascensor.xml). Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? Thanks all !!! ASCENSOR.xml
  4. After seeing the trailer of the game, I'm scared .... These camouflage, similar to the game "Crysis ".... I hope to maintain the spirit of the game and not become a Modern Warfare 2. And I hope to include a map editor, similar to the game FarCry2 !!!!! We can only pray and hope
  5. I think they should forget the past and look for alternatives. If I'm not wrong, the game World of Warcraft can´t be played illegally (which does not prevent other traps can be made) because to play it, it must be identified on some private servers of Blizzard. For me, this would be the best option, but this leads to some extra costs of maintenance and customer support. For someone who pays 50€ or 60€ for a game, it's the least we would have, but not viable. Why? Because the developers what they want is to get a game today, and within another 6 months, so they pose a long-term suppor
  6. Thanks Winters I will try it and tell you. I've seen quite a few differences between your XML and mine ....
  7. Continuing this post to not open another. I've tried a thousand times, but can not get buildings that I create with 3DSMAX generate dark inside. I've done step by step direction xdxxdy gave me, I have generated the corresponding XML, added the "ambient_points", rendering ...... does not work. Example of a building for my new map: CASA_TERRAZA.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <dynamic_object xmlns:xi="x"> <diesel file="/data/objects/props/casa_terraza/casa_terraza.diesel" orientation_object="root_point" materials="/data/objects/props/casa_terraz
  8. * Name of the clan: [sPH] SPANISH HELL * Country: SPAIN * What is the general spoken language?: SPANISH * Clan - Homepage: http://www.sphclan.com * Clan frontman: [sPH]Pirata, [sPH]Galor, [sPH]Full * What Voice-com used (Ventrilo or Teamspeak): Teamspeak * XFire: Yes * What games played: GRAW2 * Servers in use: [sPH]Spanish Hell - Alistate - NO GL We have on our server, many custom maps, both own (Arroyo_v2, Depresion_2, Cuartel, Trincheras....) and other clans (Castle_day, Compound, Grand Valley, Import_Export, Urban Conflict, Groundstry....) We wish all clans added custom map
  9. Very nice OZ !! We hope that in this way, many Clans and players know that there is life beyond the maps Arroyo and Nowhere I am eager to see a second version of the video with more maps!
  10. Hi !! I regret to say that this game does not bring an editor like you comment. The editor is incomplete, and to make a map requires the editor, create XML files, etc. Anyway, you can visit the GRAW2 WIKI , where you'll find everything you need: http://graw2.pbworks.com/Preparation-for-m...W2-coop-mission Good luck
  11. This technique of cutting and pasting, I used to the textures of the tower on the map Depresion_2 I did not know about this program. I just downloaded and installed, but when I open any atlas.dds, I get the textures "transparent." Do I need to install any plugin? Thankssssss
  12. I had added the lines in the texture_scope and still going gray textures. Tomorrow try calmly discuss other options. What I do not understand is "edit the file. DDS", as some hold over 20Mb Photoshop and even let me open them. Bogie, you are a machine! Indeed... ¿what state is your map? That you were doing the buildings, etc..
  13. I can use many objects GRAW1, but I see feasible to use in GRAW2 on the size of the textures (. DDS). Many objects sharing textures in one only .DDS, and you find that to use an object, you must upload a 25MB file (. DDS Diffuse). If we add to that folder BUMP, we find that to use for example, the object ghe_barracks_01, you have to upload 60MB of textures ..... and that adding only a single object. Maps can be of a size of 300MB or more
  14. Bogie, Do you know where is the terrain of the multiplayer maps? I have searched and did not encounter. I found the terrain of the missions, but not multiplayer
  15. Impressive work Bogie !!! I've managed to see objects in the editor as Trainstation, barracks, etc., all inside the folder DATA \ objetcs \ world_galor (I've put this name). The problem comes with the objects that are within DATA \ objects \ props_galor. I can�t see the textures in objects, I see everything in gray. I see the BUMP, but not the DIFFUSE texture. I have reviewed all the lines, and haven�t the XXXX you post, so the routes, I believe, are fine. Object: his_crypt_01 his_crypt_01.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <dynamic_object xmlns
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