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  1. Of courese I have the mod, why do you think i said i was going back to 1.04. This is silly to have to go thru this much trouble to get a stupid game to be worth playing.
  2. I applaud the effort Wolf but the mod crashes my game every time. Going back to version 1.04 . Sorry i'm not in to trying to solve the problem on this one, just had enough of graw2 and its shortcomings. KISS
  4. Ok, I have gone thru this several times and I just can't get my self to like this. How do you take out the 2 tanks in retrieve? No AT in the kit selection, that's BS and no you shouldn't have to run around looking for RPG's laying around somewhere. Not to mention getting killed countless times just to find an AT weapon, this is a joke right? What were you thinking? Oh yeah, XBOX Back to playing GRAW 1. GRIN, UBISOFT or whoever, you're making the game worse but I thank you for your effort.java script:emoticon('', 'smid_26')
  5. After the long wait, this is all we get? This patch is weak and the game is fodder and please don't try to defend it Wolfsong. We've seen this before, thanks anyway.
  6. Worked fine on my server, no crashes at all. Awsome map!!! Thanks Fish
  7. Yada Yada Yada, I 'll believe it when I see it, been let down too many times. Probably won't fix the kit thing, I hope they prove me wrong.
  8. Not much else to be SAID, It may already be posted but spawn on leader would be NICE, I'm getting tired of running to get back to the action. Now if we can just get GRIN to listen us out here, GRIN, you there? Here we are, RIGHT HERE, OUT HERE GRIN? GRIN? What was that? No, it was nothing......Oh well. Thought I heard something. Yes I did hear something, a cash register... cha ching. Got us again, dang.
  9. I agree with Ratte, the game is dead, no squads, cheesy weapon kits and no spawn on leader. I doubt GRIN / Ubisoft will fix this one. I'm playing GRAW 1 and it's still the better game. Looks like more people play GRAW 1.
  10. The patch is flawed Wolfsong, my pc is maintained properly and you shouldn't have do all the work to your machine to get a patch/ game to work right. Im' ready to use this game as a drink coaster.Yes we are frustrated can ya tell. Thanks GRIN
  11. OK, GRIN, Wolfsong, I have tried uninstall, no reg changes, defragged HD and a clean install, patched and still the same problem as reported in this post. Yall are gonna have to patch the patch. This is pitimus to say the least, the game was working fine with 1.02.
  12. That's great news, but you shouldn't have to go through an uninstall, system maint. and reinstall just to get patch/ game fix. I had same problem with my pc. Thanks GRIN NICE JOB!
  13. OK Cool, I got it. Thanks for the info. See you on TGP.
  14. Great work Satoh, I'm dumb when it comes to this kinda stuff, so my question's are what is this training mission I'm seeing in the screenshot for the GRAW2 version? I know about the training range that's in the game but is the training mission you show in the brettzies mod folder? and how did you set it up?
  15. Yes there are choices in the kits but they're not the choices i would make . One nade, come on, what fool would go into battle with one nade? The kits need to go, period. It's ruining the game for me.
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