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  1. Deal breaker. Its just not the same game anymore. Wish they had just called it something else and left GR open to another developer to run with it.
  2. The third person shooter element just screams console port. Ghost Recon is a FPS, and them being too lazy to even add that element to the PC version means they probably will give nothing additional to the pc other than better graphics. The only thing more consolish in my opinion would be the button push automatic cover system. Looks like this is only on the free to play version. This is UBI basically saying goodbye to the PC version altogether, other than a few sales to players who have never played the series before. Very dissapointing.
  3. Voted fence sitting a. Would have been more excited before seeing the video from the E3 conference. It could just be the xbox version....but if they put a cover system in, which they did in that video, then I'm totally out.
  4. Is that video 360 or pc gameplay ?. the weapon/crosshair movement looked like the gamer was using a controller ?. The AI chatter was a tad annoying as well as the marked enemy that just seems to keep on passing you by without shooting at you, i like the knife throwing, looks atmospheric in the tunnels, outside is cool, is that nuclear fallout or snow, or a mixture ?. Cool effect as your gas mask reacts to the cold environement. The last part of that vid, lol, is that the 360 software PhysX kicking in making the ragdoll look all wacko ? or is it the nvidia pc PhysX ?. The devs have said there is replayability, so i'm keen to know in what way other than a second or third play through of the sp only campaign. Most of the developers of Metro2033 from what i read are from GSC Gameworld who created the s.t.a.l.k.e.r. games. This game should be good in the atmospheric, paranormal and sound department, some weapons look unique. I did notice the gun pickup label was an absolute copy of the original Stalker display. Not sure what platform the vid was from though...
  5. Had a copy of this in my hand today at Walmart. Thought I'd read some reviews first before making the purchase. Video clips like this don't give me too much promise though, yet despite them, early reviews are good. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/ai-lowli...etro-2033/63220
  6. FPV. I have yet to enjoy a third person shooter, I just find them so clunky and awkward that I usually give up and uninstall the game before I get too far. Mass effect, Gears...just couldnt enjoy them.
  7. Wow. Pics or it didn't happen. I choose " it didnt happen!" Don't know how I missed it, but your correct, it was in widescreen. Sorry On other forums, lots of console players complaining they got the short end of the shaft. Might be a case of "multiplatformitus" Can't make everyone happy with such a wide range of platforms. I can't see them re-introduceing the lean before release though...unless it was something they cut at the last minute. If it was, fire that decision maker and stick the FPS standard known as the lean back in.
  8. The lack of lean, and some other issues were definately a concern. But I also have a 5:4 LCD monitor and it didnt run in widescreen....strange. Pretty much zero destructable environments as well. But I loved the "scare" factor in the game. Considering I played through the original and the expansion, I thought I wouldnt be fazed by anything....but it gets pretty creepy. Sound is very nicely done.
  9. FEAR 2 single player demo is now out. http://www.fileplanet.com/196225/190000/fileinfo/FEAR-2-Demo Yes, its good.
  10. Recieved an email from them today inviting us to participate in the multiplayer Beta. Its 360 for now, with PC coming later. My kids play on a 360 so I let them try it out and had a watch for a while as they played. Its pretty much identical to CoD4, right down to the perks system and ranking up. Just with WW2 hardware. As you've probably seen in the vids, instead of UAV's and airstrikes, theres dogs, spyplanes, and artillery bombardments. To be honest, it looks like tretyarc played it safe and basically used everything cod4 and just pumped out new maps and a few new modes. Once again the maps are very small and console friendly so PC players once again will have to wait for the maps and mods to come out to really get good maps meant for PC players. Looks good so far, but not much different than cod4 except for locale.
  11. http://pc.ign.com/articles/909/909584p1.html There giving it incredibly high marks for an expansion.
  12. http://pc.ign.com/articles/884/884757p1.html So in this interview, Yerli states that for every PC game sold , there is from 15 to 20 pirated versions. Crysis worldwide sold about 1 million units, therefore he's saying between 15 and 20 million people played Crysis?? Heck, Gears of War for the super popular Xbox 360 only sold just over 3 million copies worldwide. He finnishes the interview saying he wants Warhead to be PC exclusive and says he wants this platform to be the leader. But this isnt the first time we've heard him seemingly go overboard with statements regarding PC piracy. Whats Yerli getting at? We know there going toward multiplatform releases and I can't blame them $. So is he trying to cover his rear and make PC gaming look less desireable than it already is for developers, or is he looking to drop the PC all together? Thoughts?
  13. My son just bought this for his 360. I watched him for a bit and it looks well done. I like the way the iron sights are set up, graphics are decent, and the sound, much like BF2, is the best in gameing. I'd probably hurl the controller at the wall if I ever tried it, but it looks buyable if it comes to PC.
  14. http://iamfourzerotwo.com/ Finally, someone has figured out "hey, we have our jobs at stake here, lets keep PC players on there PC's" This ends the debate about how activision was going to distribute (read - charge us money for it like the consoles) the new maps and content. Lets hope this opens up the floodgates of PC and PC upgrade component makers stepping up and putting there clout behind keeping PC gamers happy. After all, we are there meal ticket.
  15. Here's overall what we have to look forward to : http://www.aeonprime.com/2008SchedulePC.html After Far Cry 2, not one mention of Ubisoft again.
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