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  1. I wanted all the gameplay modes and all the options that GR1 had. It is almost depressing how FEW options GRAW gives me to play it. I would have liked to see several more weapons. I would have liked a return of 5 teammates divided into 3 teams. I would have preferred body switching (but it's not that big a deal). GRAW did do some things right. I really like the AI (the enemies more than my teammates though). The kit construction is nice, especially with choosing what attachments you want (would have liked to see more attachments though). The full body awareness takes some time to get used to, but now I like it. I like the flexibility of the tactical map. The graphics are pretty nice, but would have rather had real AA than HDR. Basically, I wanted all the gameplay modes of GR1 (both for SP and MP), the weapon selection of GR1, the kit/weapon customization of GRAW, the team size of GR1, the AI of GRAW, the gameplay of GRAW, the graphics of GRAW (but slightly tweaked) and a mix of the types of maps found in both GRAW and GR + Expansions.
  2. I don't want an XBox360 GRAW port. What I want are all the options/modes that the XBox360 version got and have traditionally been in Tom Clancy R6 and GR games. These include LMS, Seige, Fire Fight, Recon, Hamburger Hill, and tons of guns. The PC version of GRAW has been sorely lacking in these regards. I like the actual gameplay and prefer its realism over the XBox360's arcadish feel, but the game modes and options just aren't there.
  3. Haha, first of all, I would like to see all the options/modes/weapons from the plain XBox360 version of GRAW implemented. Then we can start talking about the add-on.
  4. Here are things I would like to see changed: -Good easy mod support. Where is the mods menu? I would like the option of turning on/off various mods in-game, instead of quitting, changing files and starting the game up again. GR and R6:RS both did this well. -More options. For everything. Tons and tons of options for graphics, servers, team management, everything. So far, it seems like we either play it your (GRIN's) way or the highway. Ex. Why a dropdown menu for # of respawns? Is it that much easier to program a dropdown menu than just have an input box where I can type in a number I want? -Team management. I enjoyed both lone wolfing, taking a single team, or taking a full roster in GR/R6. Sadly missing from here. -Body switching. I understand that being one person is good for the story. But honestly, GR/R6 was NEVER about the story. It was about tackling a variety of missions in as many ways as you wanted. -More weapons/attachments. Variety is the spice of life and GR/R6 were very good at it. -More gametypes. Lonewolf, Recon, Fire-fight, Siege, King of the Hill, LMS, etc. I really don't understand what happened with the PC version of GR:AW. It seems like the XBox360 got all our options and we got the XBox360 options. A console game being MORE customizable than the PC version of the "same" game? That is just ridiculous. GR:AW is fun and I like how the game feels, but it's not Ghost Recon yet. This gameplay with all the options of GR would have made this game great IMHO.
  5. Athlon64 3000+ OCed to 2.4ghz (from 1.8ghz) X800XL 1GB Mushkin RAM Ran butter smooth with every option at the highest settings. Can't wait to see the game with High textures. Game looked great except for the jaggies (but when the bullets start flying, all I think about is how to flank, not about how many jaggies I can see). Controls were good, and felt smooth to me, although as people said, the mouse does feel weird (but hardly detracts from the game). AI is good, especially when I figured out how to use the command map efficiently. Weapon switching is a pain, but I don't think it's as bad as people are saying (although on second thought, it would suck in multiplayer). I've only played about 15 minutes, but I think GRIN has done a fantastic job with GR:AW and I will be getting this game ASAP.
  6. Actually Capteenix, the scenario I am imagining is the exact opposite of yours. What I am imagining is that people will finally save up enough points to get the gun they want. And then they will camp. Because they know that if/when they die, they will no longer have the gun they want, but they will have the M8 (unless that IS the gun you want). Also, if you are playing no respawn, how are you going to get enough points to buy any gun? Can anyone clarify exactly how the entire points/weapon buying system works? If I get sniped before I get to even use my gun, will my gun just go to waste? Or can a teammate pick it up?
  7. Wow, to be quite honest, I was very worried about how the domination game-type would play out in GRAW. However, after reading the interview and the forums, I am much more confident that it will provide a fun experience. I was most worried about people just running around neutralizing bases (ala BF2), but then I realized that there is no empty space between bases, so you will know exactly where the enemy is in your territory (not exactly, but the general idea). That is a huge sigh of relief for me cause it would have been so aggravating to have one guy running around neutralizing bases and then running away to an "empty" space and doing it all over again. I do have one question though. Is there a server option to turn the whole points system off? Personally, one thing I loved about the whole R6/GR series was that you could have any gun you want, without any artificial limitation on it. Made more sense that soldiers would be properly equipped, not having to "save up money" to finally get that SAW you've been eyeing. It seems like the domination game type will encourage everyone to choose a diverse range of weapons, so why have any limitations?
  8. Wow, I'm sorry, but the explosion without the PPU looks so halfassed. Seriously, Return to Caslte Wolfenstein had better explosions than that (maybe not realistic, but certainly looked better). Are they serious that this was the best they could do without a PPU? Seems like a pretty crappy use of a PPU, especially since the physics does not affect the gameplay. I mean, the PPU is so powerful that without it, the explosion is just a couple puffs of smoke? I'm still hopeful for GRAW, but after playing a game like Oblivion, seems like GRAW for the PC should be so much more than what the video and screenshots show (graphically at least).
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