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  1. This the only official info they've given out about the camera perspectives. Source
  2. Original post: http://www.ghostrecon.net/featured-news/ghost-recon-wildlands-slated-for-2016-2017-release/ Any theories as to when it will be released? Since there's no AC this year, they usually do 2 AAA games for Christmas, last year having AC and R6. I think For Honor will take up the first slot, seeing as it was playable at e3 2015 I can only assume it's not that far out from release. Then we have Watch Dogs 2, South Park and not yet announced game(?). But will Wildlands follow or will it be Watch Dogs 2 for Christmas or miss out and end up with a February/March 2017 date?
  3. Hard for anyone to understand if they don't understand Norwegian (no subtitles). The US is out of NATO and won't help Norway when the EU decides that Russia will "help" Norway resume their oil production. I'll keep an eye on this, did spot the Norwegian Royal Guard in the trailer which I served in Russians are already mad about this show, and it's out even out yet ^^
  4. If you read my post a bit further up the page, you'll see we discussed dedicated servers. There were 6 PC guys present in Paris and did convey ours and the communities concerns/wishes in regards to the whole online architecture.
  5. A lot of that time has gone into creating the game engine and making it work how they want. It takes more time when you have to build a new engine and create completely new assets along, you can't reuse anything from prior games and start fresh. I highly doubt we'll see it in 2015. With Siege being delayed for 2 months I hope the devs in Paris will be given enough time.
  6. No comment. I can only assume Uplay will be used for games from Ubisoft. We did talk to one of the producers who did work on GRAW 2 on PC and he understood the value of dedicated servers on that project.
  7. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed in an interview with the Guardian, a playable build will be available at Paris Games Week taking place 28th October - 1st November. Wildlands was not playable at E3 2015 and first time the public can actually play the game. Anyone here from the forums who will attend this event? Update: It seems like there was a mistake, as the part of Wildlands has been removed from the article. We've reached out to the community developer for Wildlands and can confirm they will not be present at Paris Games Week. Official confirmation should be out soon. Sorry for the false hope!
  8. Correct, the build was running on a PC with Xbox controller. Ubisoft announced not long ago that it won't be releasing their titles on the old gen systems.
  9. Too early to discuss PvP and customization. Feel free to create a new threads on these topics on what you want to see in Wildlands. I'm certain a few devs are lurking here ^^ (Bonjour!)
  10. Hey Ghostrecon.net community, this is Deosl and I’m going to tell you about my trip to Paris to check out Ghost Recon Wildlands by Ubisoft Paris. I was lucky enough to be recommended by Rocky, the admin of ghostrecon.net to a Ghost Recon workshop in Paris. We had no idea beforehand what we were going to see, I expected either GR: Future Soldier 2 or maybe a return to the roots like we’ve seen with Siege. We were in total 8 members from the GR community from all over the globe. Community members from Scotland, England, Belgium, France, Norway, USA and Canada were present. Ubisoft flew me out and we met the awesome community developer for Ghost Recon Wildlands, Emma! She was very cool and passionate about the project. Emma was accommodating and gave us a great experience and took our feedback to heart along with the rest of the developers. I really look forward to the community content they will produce for this game. We were given a tour of the studio and then the lead developers presented their latest game to us. You could see that they were really excited and passionate to share their vision for the game they’ve been working on for the last 3 years. They were very forthcoming to our questions and really wanted to pick our brains on several subjects. Before the presentation started, they have 1 screenshot on the screen from the game while we waited. We couldn’t contain ourselves and starting dissecting the screenshot and speculating about the game. There was so much to talk about from just 1 screenshot. After their presentation of the game, we gave them our impressions and feedback. This was a lively session since we had different backgrounds and preferences, but most of the time we all agreed. I was pleasantly surprised by the new direction and welcomed the change. The following day we had the pleasure of having breakfast with the CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot. We talked about the game and the industry in general. We shared our feedback with Yves and our expectations for a triple A game from Ubisoft. It was an unreal feeling sitting in the room and talking to the CEO of Ubisoft. He was just a normal guy talking about video games. The session was great and we got hear from the boss himself and the fact he took time off to talk to us, shows Ubisoft’s commitment to the community. That’s all I can talk about today, check back later for more info. Rocky and I are present at e3 and the Uplay Lounge trying to get more details for Ghost Recon Wildlands and Rainbow Six Siege. If you are also attending, let us know and be sure to follow the official gr.net twitter account.
  11. You have to sign an NDA to see stuff that is not announced yet.
  12. Bring on the questions gents! I'll be at e3 as well covering R6: Siege for AGR-S.com If you have any questions for the R6 devs, let me know http://agr-s.com/featured/agr-s-e3-2015/
  13. Hi Snake, check out this FAQ: http://www.ghostrecon.net/faqs/index.php?action=show&cat=6
  14. Latest interview with John Sonedecker by Rocky! http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/interview-john-sonedecker.html Great interview Rocky! Looking forward to GB, bought the operator edition on day 1!
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