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New SiS746 beats the KT400!


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SiS has just released it's newest chipset for AMD, the 746. In the test performed by OCworkbench with an ECS board, it out performed the Kt400 hands down and came very close to the Nf2 in many areas and beat it in a couple of test. It was even overclocked to a stable 191fsb, but has limited options in bios with the exception of 1fsb increments.

On another note, MSI just announced their board with the same chipset. We should be seeing reviews of it in a few days hopefully.

The SiS 746 chipset features support for-


USB 2.0

IEEE 1394

6 Channel Audio


UltraDMA 133/100/66


ECS L7S7A2 Review

MSI 746F News Release

SiS 746 Chipset Info

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Well, they've been a great competitor in the P4 chipset market, but their only real competition was Intel. Now it seems they've finally decided to make a decent socket a chipset and it is now on my 'to get list'. Especially when I saw the webpage for Iwill's mb stating you can lock the agp/pci at 66/33mhz allowing you to overclock fsb more. That was one of the nforce2's main selling points for enthusiast!

Plus, being SiS, they'll probably debut in the $70-80 range.

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