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  1. Winchesters Dynapoints in the bulk box used to be some of the best stuff for the price. I'm not even sure if you can still get it, its been a few years since I've shot my 10/22 beyond a few rounds for fun or extermination jobs. I've got a Bushnell Banner in 6-18x40AO that I switch between my 10/22 and the 96/17. It's a good reach "out and touch 'em" scope for a small price, as is the Simmons Whitetail Classic. My birthday is coming up on the 22nd. Makes me feel like splurging on an Aimpoint or Eotech for my AR.
  2. Muzzle rise with machine pistols has always been an issue, especially with the high cyclic rate. As Serellan stated, the Beretta 93r (full auto 92) has a built in forward grip that swings down. Likewise the number of MACs that were sold with straps hanging from the front to use as a grip (although that was more to do with civy laws and a non-machinegun pistol with a forward grip is a no-no (it then become an AOW classified weapon under the NFA). Just look how high the thing points when he held long enough for a three round burst. Anyway, forward grips aren't the problem. Just using them improperly is. It's kind of odd how it came back down on him though, recoil should have lifted the gun up away from the now unsupported hand. I think after it let go he just held in the trigger too long while moving the gun back down into position... and the unsupported hand stayed still ending up in the muzzle sweep.
  3. No, no, no... you noodle for catfish. For snapping turtle, you just take an empty milk jug and tie it on a string with something nasty at the bottom and throw it in a pond. Come back later and see what you've got.
  4. Fishing is more about location than anything else. If you're where the fish are, you'll catch some. I personally don't enjoy fishing that much, except when I head over to my brother-in-laws pond. We head out in the center on a little boat and cast into the edges near the trees. Last time we did this, we caught about 30 fish between the both of us over a 1-2hr period. Of course we threw them all back, but it's a lot more fun than bank fishing for 3hrs and getting nothing.
  5. A-Team is an old TV show. Remember Mr. T? He was on there.
  6. I got my copy last week some time. It runs great on my 2600XT/4600x2 system. I've got all graphics maxed playing at default res on my 19" lcd. I've had it crash before it loaded one time, but I think that was an issue with their updater that runs before play. No in game crashes or anything before or since. I have noticed a few bugs where Altair gets hung between objects and on ledges, but nothing major. It does try to download a patch when I start it now, but I keep canceling. I don't want to mess with something that currently works.
  7. Man have things changed around here... Anyway, nice to see someone else has a project car. Are those new wheels Cragars? If not, they look a lot like them. Beautiful old classic. Maybe I will get my hands on a piece of Mopar history some day and make it just as nice.
  8. Your in KY though. All most of us know is NASCAR and drag racing.
  9. I'm just now learning the guitar in my free time. I've got a cheap Ibanez (GRX series) and a small 15w Line 6 amp. I also got a Weeping Demon cheap off my brother-in-law. Nothing to write home about... and you sure as heck don't want me to post playing a song.
  10. I didn't know what to make of it at first and fell right in to the Adam Sandler laugh-o-thon. Great movie and a great looking woman (Linda Cardellini).
  11. Weather here has been great as well. A tad chilly in the morning (40s), but daytime is great.
  12. If that was true, we would have been testing the G36 instead.
  13. Stuff I already know, but thanks for the reminder. I've got the heads off and the rockers/pushrods organized for reinstallation. Anyone got tips for removing the last of the MLS gaskets left on the head to prep for the new gasket? A guy at work recommended lacquer thinner, but I'm open to suggestions.
  14. No idea on pushrod length, but I'm going to stick them in order in the side of a box and install them back in the same place they came from. Got the exhaust manifolds and lower intake off today. Now I need a gasket scraper, those paper gaskets are on there good. I'm also having trouble finding the right bolts to pull the harmonic balancer. Apparently GM used 1/4" bolts, so typical kits don't have them. Got some today, but they're too short. Time to try again.
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