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  1. I know I'm not active at this forum anymore, but I know I can always expect a Happy B-Day message on this day every year. Thanks, this is the best community ever, Happy B-Day to anybody else celebrating this 23rd.
  2. I had no trouble D/L from Fileplanet. I got around 300 KB/S. Beat the mission, it was very fun and entertaining. The scenery is great. Overall, I'd say it's a SOF II on steroids. The AI is most impressive, reacting to gunshots and taking approriate actions. I completed the mission without having to do much dirty work. Stealth is key along with utilizing your knife to the fullest. Overall, the demo is a 8/10...can't wait to see the full version.
  3. I remember when it first came out you could get a free CD at your local recruiter...is that not the case anymore with the new Special Forces AA?
  4. Hah, it'd be funny going around as Alfred Woden in a wheelchair and dodging in bullet time...
  5. "Blast Corps." for N64...closely followed by "Bible Adventures" for the NES
  6. Killa_N_Manila


    There was a brief article on the game in a PC Gamer a little while back reviewing the top 20 games of E3. It's described as "a Sims clone in which, as Playboy magazine mogul Hugh Hefner, you build up the world-famous Playboy Mansion and publishing company, and control all manner of gorgeous babes, Hollywood superstars, and glitterati." Release date says late 2k4, and it sounds "interesting" to say the least...
  7. I definately agree with you there...Eder Dam was absolutely horrendous...
  8. Heh, you know it...yall watch out if you ever come to Columbia, SC... Happy B-day guys
  9. Call of Duty is pretty fun, I just recently bought the game. I'm a little disappointed by the British campaign, but the American and Russian campaigns are awesome...
  10. Call of Duty looks trick, can't wait for that to come out. I played DoD awhile ago, and I believe, imo, that it is not worth buying. The retail only has a few updated character models, textures, etc. I'd much rather d/l it than pay the $30 price tag.
  11. Welcome back Gruesome...Here is the 1.4 patch. I didn't really understand what you meant by where it "goes." Just simply download it and it will upgrade your 1.3 patch. 1.4 is also on the IT expansion.
  12. Don't try to reinstall windows if you don't know how to redo your configuration. I know from experience...All you will get is a "blue screen of death" sayin your hd's are corrupted. Windows will not recognize the config w/o its drivers. First, you must delete your raid and set one up exactly like your last one. Mine is a Raid 0, so I select "striping" in the RAID setup menu then put windows in to reinstall. It will give an option at the bottom to install any Raid drivers, you must do this or you cannot get it to work. So, insert the driver disk than it should continue the reinstall process. This was a problem that baffled me for a week or so until a friend helped me out.
  13. This is a very interesting topic. I've slowly been transitioning to ATI products after seeing the initial benchmarks of the 5900 FX compared to that of the 9700 pro. Now, I'm convinced that an ATI would definately be a better change for my rig.
  14. Already seen it once, definately worth seeing again. Especially if you didn't quite catch everything going on like me. Gonna see it thurs. again when school gets out for summer.
  15. Hey guys, I've been on a two month hiatus from GR due to comp probs and heavy playing of Battlefield 1942. However, I can never get unhooked from this game. I'm happy to say I'm back, but I need some updates as I have not been on the forums or the game lately. Anything new happenin I should know about? Does GR.net still have a server and the different leagues in other games such as Sturmovik, and Nascar (I plan to join these if so). Hope everyone is doin well and I can't wait to be by yall's sides on the battlefield once more!
  16. Gj, but it might be easier for some of the slower connections to load it if your sig was saved as a .gif or .bmp. It takes a longer time to load because it is jpg, and it is a pretty big file for a small sig.
  17. Ronin, I'm actually copying your different tutorials and saving them on my comp for future reference when I might have flash and can utilize the tutorials put out thus far...In other words, keep 'em coming!
  18. I'm anxiously waiting the results, I think all are #1 imo, but I guess only one can be chosen...GL to all participating!
  19. Dang, I need to get my copy fast so I can catch up with you all.
  20. It might be better to try posting this at the GTA 3 pc site. I've never had this prob with the game runnin the 41.09 drivers. Of course, this is at my friends house since I don't have the pc game m'self. He hasn't had a prob, but I guess if the game runs on the 29.42's then you may just wanna run with those. They seem the best to date of the det drivers. Again, it would be best to consult those over at the official site where someone probably has experienced the same trouble at you, hope you get it working soon!
  21. Either that 9800 pro or 9700 pro will be my next card. FX looks enticing, but ATI just looks to be gaining ground in the VPU race and isn't looking back. Whatever Nvidia releases, ATI will counter and their 9700 has proved almost as good in some areas as the FX. It seems like a much better investment instead of buying an Fx.
  22. Keep trying, and if ya need help I'll be happy to assist you just like everyone else here!
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