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  1. All other work, do not worry, you did a good job ... then the ghosts disguise models are not available in this demo?
  2. Hey brother! The Year of the ###### mission does not start and crashes???
  3. Ho! sorry, did not know... Sorry, these models are included in the mod? and if so how are they called? want to use.
  4. Good job! this very well... the new weapons are also excellent. As for the Ghosts, I expected this... ...but everything else is great!
  5. The new demo brings the mission of the air base last demo or we will use both as separate but compatible mods?
  6. wow! Excellent ... I'll be eagerly awaiting the new content. Some approximate release date?
  7. The next version you mention is another demo (one mission) or a semi-full version (several Missions)?
  8. Thanatos Five Zero Demo is compatible with Serpentine Dream Teory?
  9. Hello MrMoon... very good job with new models! are excellent. How about an example of the new models, Astra, Susan and Lyndi! (if thou findest included them). There are some approximate release date?
  10. Hi! MrMoon, I would like to ask you a personal favor ... is if you change the textures Might this model ghost: ... to make it look as close as possible to 30K GRFS or at least MARPAT digital camouflage type, including ghost mask and digital googles. Would be very grateful if I were to make this great favor, is that this is my favorite of all skin and would like to have it GRFS style. The model you can get the mod Blood Oil (http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1156) do not worry about asking permission to its developers as only it is a favor to me and not to steal credit and display it online at some other mod. I for one would not have any problem with the time you take in developing it I'm willing to wait as long as you need to consider (if you decide to do) and would be very grateful indeed. Many thanks and sorry my bad English.
  11. Do not worry comrade! I understand completely and I'll be on the lookout for what. Anyway I am very grateful and hope for the time you need for final development, I'll cross my fingers ( ) that do not have difficulties making cancel will the project (as happened with the guys from Project Novo) and I wish you well! Greetings...
  12. The guys Bodark the defeat precisely this! on my second try! It was difficult but I managed to complete the mission after three attempts in difficulty elite... I'm good at playing this It's a shame about magnetic vision and sensor. But that's the point! "trial and error" to let you know ... I take another idea occurred to me ... This is the drone: I thought if it was possible that the drone attack was one of the specialists, vehicle drone transform the actor! within the actor.tx there is a line that is used to change the scale model of the actor/ghost: <ScaleX> 1.000000 </ ScaleX> <ScaleY> 1.000000 </ ScaleY> <Scalez> 1.000000 </ Scalez> I've noticed that if I minimize the scale the actor becomes slower in its movement and if the increase becomes faster! then everything would consist in reducing the scale of the actor a bit so that it is appropriate to scale the drone but not overly so it is very slow and change the model of the actor to the drone (if possible) and equip a machine gun with grenade launcher (but model these must be invisible because the drone model already has these) and also increase the strength of this to the shooting (although that will not be at all a problem as reducing the scale at AI will prove harder hit on the target). That's my idea with the drone. MrMoon ... I understand that this project takes a long time but I wanted to ask if you had already another mission already developed to test it. Thanks and sorry for my bad English.
  13. Hey bro! I have an idea ... I'm not sure if the settings that you mention below are possible: To make the most similar to the concept of FS game night vision filter instead of being green should be changed to blue to well simulate the magnetic vision original GRFS and also change the original proximity sensor on a throwing game object to imitate the sonic sensor GRFS! Tell me if possible and do you think?
  14. Hi! I already tried the demo and I am totally satisfied, better than I expected. Being this a sign of what's coming, now if I'm quite sure it will be a great mod. The mission is very complete, best used your map design their own creators, patrols, tanks and others are perfectly located between a perfect balance between a very good security on the part of the Russians and very good opportunities to dodge by Ghosts. I really liked the objective consisted in eliminating the Russian officers! having to identify them after deleting gives much realism to the game. Bodark Special Forces ... just terrifying! Very knowledgeable and also those who were equipped with the optical camouflage they made even more lethal !! when they were cast down were virtually unwatchable! (after a couple of attempts to achieve defeat attracting them in CQC). Operation Dark Winter ... Very successful and I hope the other missions are conducted in the same way. I also think you should remaster the original missions of Ghost Recon, Desert Siege and Island Thunder with the concept of Future Soldier! I hope in the future development of this mod more variety of weapons, new characters for specialists and please do not pull over female ghosts (modernizes the skins for Astra, Lindy and Susan). You've created a great mod and in my opinion will be much better than Heroes Unleashed / Centcom / Blood Oil. I love this classic! and wait long for a moder used the concept of GRFS in this great game (I was hoping that FS will use the same mechanics of this game open spaces but I left very disillusioned even though the concept of the concept of the future soldier I like very much) later this year I am going to upgrade my computer to play the latest in video games and in spite of that I will continue to enjoy this classic and even more with the concept of FS devised by a moder. Thank you! forward and hope for its full version. Excuse my bad English. Greetings.
  15. Hi !! as will progress awaited mod? I'm not sure but you had specified that the mod requires CENTCOM, if so, please improve the characteristics of the weapons as these in this mod have a big problem for precision and stabilization that caused that most of the shots did not give in target and much wasted ammo, which seems absurd considering that embody special forces operators which are experts in handling weapons, indeed the enemy force was shooting better and if was right on target. Who cares what I say! is your mod and you can do whatever you want, anyway I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the final product. Greetings.
  16. OMG! DRONES?? Is awesome!!!! Some early date of release?
  17. mmm ... I came late to this forum! But no matter ... MrMoon amazing! I love these skins based GRFS, please continue with the project is fabulous! especially the Spetsnaz Bodark skins... I totally agree with you! this great and realistic game should last a few more years. I look forward to ready for download since appeared GRFS and thought someone was to create a mod based on the latter. PD. Excuse my bad English.
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