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  1. All other work, do not worry, you did a good job ... then the ghosts disguise models are not available in this demo?
  2. Hey brother! The Year of the ###### mission does not start and crashes???
  3. Ho! sorry, did not know... Sorry, these models are included in the mod? and if so how are they called? want to use.
  4. Good job! this very well... the new weapons are also excellent. As for the Ghosts, I expected this... ...but everything else is great!
  5. The new demo brings the mission of the air base last demo or we will use both as separate but compatible mods?
  6. wow! Excellent ... I'll be eagerly awaiting the new content. Some approximate release date?
  7. The next version you mention is another demo (one mission) or a semi-full version (several Missions)?
  8. Thanatos Five Zero Demo is compatible with Serpentine Dream Teory?
  9. Hello MrMoon... very good job with new models! are excellent. How about an example of the new models, Astra, Susan and Lyndi! (if thou findest included them). There are some approximate release date?
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