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  1. Regarding 3rd/1st person view, I think it should be free for the player to choose like Arma or Star Wars Battlefront.
  2. Being realistic though, I don't think Ghost Recon Wildlands will bring any of these features. As simplified as they were in comparison to the planning phase from the original Rainbow Six games, Ubi is using the open world as selling point to the old fans. Unfortunately (or not), they've been aiming for a broader audience since the Red Storm games got console versions and this means less depth.
  3. I absolutely love the original game and this features. Please bring them back for Wildlands! Also, how about 1st and 3rd person toggle.
  4. Just bought the DLC bundle. Why People play only conflict and without any of the se New content? That's nonsense... =( such a clever multiplayer
  5. The game could have his tutorials in a menu option. It's very frustrating to have screen instructions that not only breaks immersion but blocks your free movement.
  6. Open map, like the old games. No rails and no cinematics. That diamond formation is the dumbest thing I've ever seen on a Tom Clancy's game. And I hope to see some day a game that puts together Ghost Recon team vs Rainbow Six team for single and multiplayer purposes. That would be better than fighting generic Russian commandos.
  7. Yesterday, my brother and I tried to play the main game in Coop but we couldn't. Same problem happened when we tried to connect in Guerrilla and Online match. Last time I tried to play Coop campaign with my brother (about a month ago), we had the same problem. The only mode i can play online is Conflict and I cannot invite any friend for a match or join their game. Is the Ubisoft servers not working? is this a problem with the Uplay account? Anyone experienced this kind of trouble trying to play Coop?
  8. I have a spare key from UK. It doesn't worked on my original psn account (US). Does anyone have a US key so we can change?
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