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  1. So i was doing some web surfing when came across a rumour about gr:fs 2. I looked into it but i didn't find much about at this point. i hope that its true and that it in development. Anyways i was wondering what would be some much need improvements they could make to it. it would be real kickass if they made it so you could sprint with with your camo activated. an improvement i would hope they do would be to jus add guerilla mode to mutliplayer and allowed up to 10 ppl in a single squad party. My clan has quite the number and it would be great if we all could join a match instead of selectin
  2. its hard cuz everybody plays conflict and nothing else
  3. To start off, I effing love playing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier!! ​ I just wanted to know if there was anybody other than me thats trying to get a platinum trophy from playing GS:FS. I have the majority of the single player trophies, but its the multiplayer ones i need help with. PLEASE HELP!!!! You would be doing me a real solid and i'd appreciated it!!!! And it would also be cool if i could get a team together so i can complete guerilla mode too. My PSN name is sealab4421
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