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  1. he gone for a bit he said he needed a vaca
  2. im wicked xcited about this mod r u kidding me? its gonna show alot of new stuff just like U SAID. i guess im just to xcited to be a part of this.
  3. after reading this whole thing i dont see what the big fuss is all about its only a new mod and some poeple are just tryin to keep it on top of the other mods that have been a work in progress for months whats wrong with that? i dunno
  4. must be nice to play these mods b4 they come out and tease us with pictures like these
  5. cool idea rocky what u think?
  6. its a seige mod with new characters and modded weps and if u go to the other no restrictions setting ull see them there. I havent seen other mods with these characters and i would like to see more and if mono is doing thats great i cant wait to play it i think its better then the same old soldier uniform.
  7. dont worry ur not. WDA MOD FULL is a mod we made for gr,ds,it. we made zombies as characters walkingdead soldiers to be exact. wda f8less1 worked very hard making them props to him. the zombies r cool checkm out
  8. hey mono this looks like the WDA MOD FULL they have zombies in their mod too. i think its a cool idea to take it to the next step. hey guys if ya havent checked out the wda mod full u can get it at walkingdeadarmy.com, stay-low.com and at loco its a cool mod if ya like resident evil. mono keep up the good work i cant wait to get it.
  9. Id like to thank gr.net for having all the info one needs to start modding. I made my first mod with WDA and its great, we got zombies and chicken grenades and modded guns,kits, and maps. Thnx for all the ideas i got wonderering around this site. I hope to learn more and id like to thank Stalker_Zero for helping me learn how to mod maps. thnx for all the help
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