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  1. Ok, so what I am hearing is that you'd like... 1) less enemies/spread out more 2) more open maps 3) options to complete mission with minimal kills/stealth 4) less "god like" aim for the ai 5) smoke to act as more of a shield Is that right? There are certainly things that can be done to meet items 1-4 in making a map. Item 5 may be a bit tricky as I recall others have also raised issues with the ai's ability to "see through" smoke. Let us know more of what you want as the only way I'll learn what people want through people posting what they'd like to see. It really is not easy making a mission that's more than a run and gun possibly the hardest part is planning out what people will enjoy playing - so thanks for the insights and keep posting. Dav. Dav i appreciate your responses.I think cutting down enemies and instead concentrating on goood enemy placement is key.I did some map modding for deltaforce Xtreme for a while and that game was also plagued by mapmakers making games for 16+ people.throwing 200 enemies in one small area is easy i want to see someone take the time and really put some thought into there maps.IMO most of these nice maps are being wasted by being an endless shooting gallery.Deltaforce xtreme could get away with this because that game had really dumb enemy ai and just to make it challenging you had to throw 200 or more enemy on the maps. Graw 2 is a very challenging game and i think 12-16 enemy's per player is plenty with the challenge of the game.If i were to make a map for 2 players i probably wouldnt put more then 32 enemies on a map depending on the size of the map obviously.This game makes you move in such a way were killing 30 enemies is like killing 100 in any other game its not meant to be a straight up shooter.I personally feel that the maps that are available now for download is a contributing factor as to why most wont play this game.We dont want 2-4 players having to deal with 800 enemie ai with 100% hit rate.we want to finish these maps and feel like we have a chance.I like finishing what i start and simply put these maps dont allow you to do that
  2. Comon lets be realistic here these maps are not made for 2 players.Has nothing to do with practice ive been playing these games for a long time.Im talking maps that are on par with sp campaign maps.Most of these co-op maps the enemy ai in most of these maps dont miss at all.Ive played about half the downloadable content here and in only one map did stealth work.the rest were straighup shooting gallerys.Hows it realistic to have 40 enemys bunched together.Im just saying to make a map suitable for 2 players it doesnt have to neccesarily be smaller but atleast spread the enemys out alittle more.Im not sure if theres a way to set the ai hit percentage but hitting for 100% is just not realistic.It also seems using smoke to screen yourself doesnt work well either for the most part. Im not downing anyone like i said i do like the maps and i appreciate the time they put into there work for the community.Playing maps like this though with hundreds of enemies just makes this yet another shooter on the market with tons of other shooters that do the same thing.If i wanted COD 4 I would go play that but i expect more from graw 1 and 2 where stealth was implemented but not used and its a shame
  3. I like alot of the downloadable maps most are very well done.My question is with so few people playing online how come all these co-op maps are made for 10+ players?I got a friend who i co-op with about every weekend but we get stuck doing the sp campaign maps because most if not all of the co-op maps are made for mass number of players. I appreciate the efforts of all the map makers but are there not any maps out there for less then 6 people?I personally feel that if we had some decent co-op maps for a smaller number of people it would seriously draw more people to the game.Alot of us like playing with a few friends and hosting our own game these maps simply doesnt allow this unless we want to burn 4 hours trying to finish a map and dying 100 times in the process which doesnt equal fun for some of us.thanks
  4. Actually i find the ai in graw 1 to be pretty unfair for the most part.there were many times on every level in graw 1 where the enemy would spot you when they shouldnt have been able to.Graw 2 fixes this problem and sneaking now works pretty well.dont get me wrong i loved graw 1 as well i found the levels nicely done and all that but graw 2 ai for the most part is much more realistic.graw 1 ai isnt better then graw 2 ai more unfair would be a better term
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