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  1. Ah, well, I guess it didn't merit a mention around here. Couldn't see a thread anywhere... Apologies to anyone who found it offensive posting so late - Gache
  2. I can't BELIEVE everyone missed this. Actually I can't believe I almost missed it, either... I've been waiting for this for years. Everyone here's played Half Life & HL2, right? And the best way to get "in the spirit" for HL2 is to run through HL1 first, right? Wrong. Black Mesa is out! The nostalgia is weapons-grade. The textures, the models, the voice acting - they've nailed it. This thing is awesome. I'm on the cliffs at the moment and it's some of the most nerve-racking gameplay I've ever been through. If you haven't played this already... well. Go on - you know you wan
  3. A couple of posts about working on performance, OpenGL and graphics drivers. One from a dev who works on the Intel drivers: http://www.paranormal-entertainment.com/idr/blog/posts/2012-07-19T18%3A54%3A37Z-The_zombies_cometh/ And one from Valve: http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/faster-zombies/ Some interesting stuff there about performance relative to Windows, and about the ability of a big name like Valve to drive rapid improvements in Linux graphics drivers.
  4. DropBox would be a good 'lightweight' version control system (it would at least prevent accidental file loss and make it easy to retrieve old versions!) as well as easing the upload problem some. It would be better to get the project in a proper version control system though. (Github!) Incremental uploads and downloads, automatic creation of helpful change lists, easier to manage contributions from lots of people, no mistakes about which version of files went in or didn't go in , impossible to ever lose files, archival/compression done automatically by a remote server, downloads without ha
  5. Zeealex, Shadowblade isn't talking about anti-aliasing, but about the 'sharp corners' that many of the old models have. Look at the terrain images in your last post - you can see it there. It's also apparent in almost any character image. The question, I think, is whether the original models can be replaced or overridden with others that have the same effective dimensions, but use a higher polygon count so that the models' corners and edges are smoother/more rounded. - Gache
  6. Working on it, Apex, I'm working on it... (Can't speak for the guys messing with the cables though!) I managed to extract the actual download URL, instead of the obfuscated one they show off, so I've fed that to a download manager. Right now it's 28% done and says there are another 4 days to go. Can't wait! Are you sure, Wombat? Can't check now, but as far as I can remember, Frostbite used Indeo. Their videos worked fine after installing it, but it made no difference for the original vids. The originals reported themselves as something like 'MS MPEG-2 v4', which turned out to be a Micr
  7. Haven't messed with that particular problem for years, but IIRC, the major problem with intro/outro videos was that Wine doesn't have the codecs. I used to install the K-Lite codec pack, that took care of most of them. Frostbite used a really wierd codec, I had to track a separate installer down for that. What I never got working was the original GR videos. Far as I can recall, they use an old Microsoft codec that's not available as an installer. In theory, you could copy the .dll files across from a Windows install, but I never found a way to make that work. I think I got as far as sound,
  8. Glad it's behaving for now (and I envy you that download speed ). WPA2 is great. WPA is also generally 'good enough'. (I still occasionally come across devices that don't support WPA2.) It's WEP that's to be avoided if at all possible. WAP is a language for dumbed-down web pages on old mobile phones ... and computer geeks use more acronyms than is good for us. - Gache
  9. The first thing I'd think if a router starts misbehaving right after a firmware flash is that maybe it didn't clean up after itself properly. Routers are pretty notorious for keeping bits of old settings and data around when you flash or reset. First thing I'd try is just unplugging it - take the power cable out for 90 seconds. Very often, that's enough to stop a router misbehaving. If that doesn't help, it's time to try a reset. Make a note of all your important settings first! (You can do a backup, but if the firmware is screwed it may not back up cleanly - don't rely on it as your onl
  10. Here's the original post on Phoronix and some commentary from ExtremeTech. Now I know this is Phoronix who are, shall we we say, 'optimistic' about all things Linux; but by the looks of things this isn't a leak or a 'source': it's straight from Gabe Newell. - Gache
  11. IMHO, it depends on what alternatives are available. Being single-shot/disposable, the real-life M136/AT4 isn't going to be the weapon of choice either when expecting to engage armoured vehicles in number. Nor is it great for engaging modern MBTs. For such a small squad, wouldn't planning to engage more than a very small amount of armour mean taking a reloadable AT weapon? Or at least having a vehicle along to provide enough reloads? And for engaging MBTs, well, that's what the FGM-148 Javelin is for. I can't recall if anyone's ever made a Javelin, but I think the SMAW was in P2. I d
  12. Well at least this lot had protected the passwords! But yeah, it's pretty pathetic. Most of the high-profile 'hacks' lately have been on organisations who didn't bother with even the most basic security precautions. If you get everything right, then there are only two ways that data can be compromised: an 'inside job' or someone uses a zero-day exploit against you. - Gache
  13. Maybe it's less relevant today, but this one went both ways: GR is beautiful and playable at even the lowest resolutions. I went from playing Rogue Spear at 1024x748 to GR at 640x480 with the lowest detail... and GR looked better, way better. I remember playing the first mission for the first time, looking up into the sun and going 'wow.' Text was clear and crisp, yet the HUD was still small enough to be unobtrusive. All too many games these days assume everyone has a big widescreen display and the hardware to power it at full native resolution. ArmA2, for instance, is simply unplayable at
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