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  1. Hi, I am gonna have to dip out of the tournament. Current circumstances does not allow for me to participate and invest the time as I would like. Thanks for understanding and best of luck to all.
  2. Got a question guys. I'll still deciding if to get this game. Played the demo. Regarding mods are plane skins the only thing that can be done? Can there be missions, maps, etc.....? Thanks much in advance.
  3. I would like a high-res copy of the signed box.
  4. I am very interested in this. I need more details and specifics so I am sending over a PM. Thanks much for doing this? Would you be able to put all 8 discs up as ISO's?
  5. Awesome!!! Looking foward to it Rocky. Great job Lightspeed. Very well done. See you again with BEL 2!!!!
  6. Do tell when it's ready because I am ready here.
  7. Yes indeed. Awesome job Lightspeed and awesome missions.
  8. I am still here guys. Will be doing both today.
  9. The test mission is at this link - Test Mission Download
  10. Sounds good to me. How do I get you guys on xfire?
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