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  1. To be honest i lost interest in this game durring the first GRAW. I've played both the single player and multiplayer demos of GRAW2 and thought it was more of the same so I admit my experience is limited. my problem was the engine used for the game seemed limited so there's nothing really to be done about that. my wish would be to give the next GRAW to the "Crysis" boys as that engine seems to match the original spirit of ghost recon. Imagine GRAW like this ?? I'd be back in a heart beat !!! http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/103158.html
  2. Cool ! I could do with a few suggestions ! Im in the middle of re-writing the script another way to see if it helps, I've got two problems to try and fix, the first is why does the map crash only for clients when the ch47 is triggered? And the other is why wont the CH47 re-set back to its starting point ?? (Thankfully i can script a work around) But im stumped on this crash ? I had no problem in my last map with the CH47, or at least no one's said there's a problem with it Im wondering, would having a heli spawn to close to the Ghosts cause this problem... will go back & find out ! Thnx M8
  3. Thanx for the info, Im the only person i know whos play's this game among my friends, would anyone like to volunteer there services as a map tester occasionaly ?? I'd be able to get a working map out first time instead of updating posts
  4. Ok im hoping you'll find this one plays alot better, it does for me so far. I've cut down slightly with the spawns and gone mad with the AI graphs and it seems to have made a big differance. game time is still the same of 15-20 mins. Still cant get the ch47 to re-set at the end of the round, but if your changing maps at the end of every round it doesn't really matter. Defend_The_Alamo v1.0 Let me know if your still getting any problems ??
  5. Guys been playing this on a live server, and it doesn't seem to run to well (very strange things happen) I think im probably using to many spawns so be warned this is deffinetly a beta at the moment !!!
  6. thnx for the info ! Hope that crash was just a one off, Ive not had that. As for running straight for the extractin, what are ya... chicken ! lol - na i hear you bud I'll stick a few in but using to many slows the game down. What i really wanted to do with the extraction zone was only make it active after a certain amount of time but i dont know if its possible ?? (GRIN if it is possible could you let me know how... pretty please ) Try playing with a few guys it gets pretty hairy once things start exploding
  7. Glad to hear it I thought your [GR] scripting Guru status was slipping for a sec. I would of been seriously in trouble if I'd had a problem! lol Hope you have better luck with the tanks m8!
  8. Another Beta Thought I'd have a go at a different game type, Just hold your position until the CH47 comes in for extraction. I've kinda faked some enemy helicopter troop insertions plus there are loads of hemtt's & panards gunning for you. Same as last time dont expect to get far on your own & you only really need the zeus for the tanks ! Set the game time for no less than 15 min but i would recomend 20-25 The biggest problem i have is the CH47 wont clear away for round two of the map but other than that i think things are ok let me know ! Defend_The_Alamo v1.0 screenshot 1 screenshot 2
  9. Hiya ducky here's some code straight out of my next map hope it helps <user name="wave01" type="once"> <trigger type="UnitInArea" area="allevents"/> <event name="wave01"/> </user> <event name="start_game"> <element type="UnitInArea" area="allevents" state="activate" start_time="4"/> </event> <event name="wave01"> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="wave01" start_time="0.1"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="allevents" state="deactivate"/> </event> <event name="wave01"> <element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id="pn01" start_time="5"/> <element type="OrderCar" vehicle_id="pn01" order="move" position="-2932 12754 0" start_time="10"/> </event> And thats all the code i use to get them moving, make sure you tick the box for sequense spawn & have the AI graphs for both troops & vehicles. for some reason you can only input 1 set of destination waypoints but it will find its own way there ( patrols are out i think) For spawning the troops with the vehicle its a bit more tricky.. 1, if you just use the pannard crew or hemtt crew nothing moves, make sure you use any troops that start mex_inf, mex_gur or any of those as long as they have "crew" or "passengers" in there name. 2, obviously tick the crew box only if your creating a crew (do not tick for passengers) 3, the order you need to give them is "patrol" & type "moveguardrecon" (not tried others but this works!) 4, Group ID is whatever your particular event is 5, Transport ID must be the same as the Vehicle ID And that should be it, one thing i have noticed though is the vehicles will drive around fixed objects but they just drive straight into other vehicles and get stuck ?? very annoying ?
  10. As Sunraa has been an excellent chap i wont go to the trouble of changing my site but when my next map comes out I'll have the downloads.xml working too ( it didnt even cross my mind the first time sorry guys! ) Just to check though do you need the bundle & the text file uncompressed or will the maps work with just the bundle ??
  11. AJ The best thing you can do is start small, If you want to do [GR] Coop maps then your gonna have to figure out the XML scripting to a fair degree. Start with one object like a car and learn how to get it to move, then do the same with a heli (if you want to use one) then do the same with the ground forces, do it all seperatly on different maps so things dont get to confusing. Evilduckys tutorials are a really good start !! and when you think your getting some where bring it all together in one map, As for trying to use one of the existing maps i wouldnt know where to start m8 sorry.
  12. As in 2nd and 3rd round, or a new set of rounds with the same map? Just curious as i don't know but with some of these cool custom OGZR maps we may bring them up from time to time for fun. Glad you like the map ! was fun making it but i spent half the time figuring out the dam XML script As for the crash problem its not fixed, I did ask grin for a little help but I've had no reply yet. (think it might be a bug with the game its self) just to clarify this map will work fine when you have map rounds set to one, if you try and play it twice in a row it will kick you out ( but then i never want to play the same map straight after anyway)
  13. I noticed that to, i think its just standard so i just try get them to trigger outside LOS or inside buildings as long as you have a reasonable guard or patrol zone they will start moving and make it look more natural
  14. Its finished... See my original post for the updated bundle
  15. Many thanks for your Help guides... I know I'd be nowhere without them !!! Time to return the favour ! I've got a much easier way of finding those waypoints bud, all you need to do is go to the multiplayer set and add single point zones where ever you want your vehicle to go... ie right click (create zone) left click (place zone) just take note of there names !! Do this as many times as you need and then save, ( I use 4 to patrol a square) after just open up your zones file in the xml folder and your waypoints are ready to cut and paste into your mission xml
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