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  1. Is it asking too much for samples to be posted here? There are many others who can benefit from these examples.
  2. Can we have some sample server files here? I have been trying to create a dedicated server on my other PC and I'm still not having any success. Below is a sample from what I am told via the manual will work, but it always says 32 players instead of 12, and it wants another player (Rebel) to begin. I'm trying to start a coop server. Not a Campaign COOP, but the other that allows customw maps to be played. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <game_info password="***" admin_password="XXXX" internet_server="true" internet_speed="1800"> <server_settings type="coop"> <game_difficulty value="hardcore"/> <max_deaths value="0"/> <max_players value="12"/> <spawn_time value="7"/> <start_condition value="2"/> </server_settings> <server_settings type="coop"> <game_difficulty value="hardcore"/> <max_deaths value="0"/> <max_players value="12"/> <spawn_time value="7"/> <start_condition value="2"/> </server_settings> <gametype_settings> <auto_balance value="false"/> <auto_balance_limit value="2"/> <immortality_duration value="4"/> <message_of_the_day value="MY_MOD"/> <name value="MY SERVER NAME"/> <punish_tk value="false"/> <scan_for_cheats value="false"/> <start_condition value="4"/> <teamkill_kick_limit value="2"/> <vote_kick_starters value="10"/> <vote_map_starters value="10"/> <vote_ratio value="51"/> <vote_time value="45"/> </gametype_settings> <match_info level="ff_tug_timber_day" order="1"> </match_info> <match_info level="ff_tug_the_cut_day" order="2"> </match_info> <match_info level="ff_tug_lagoon_day" order="3"> </match_info> <match_info level="coop_tug_quarry_night" order="4"> </match_info> <match_info level="coop_tug_sierra_day" order="5"> </match_info> </game_info> Rav
  3. Were you not hugged enough as a child? Grow up. Acting like a baby isn't going to get the issue solved any faster. Golly, you’re right Dporter. (sniff) I wish we had another forum so you can psychoanalyze me some more. (sniff) It’s just hard, ya know? (sniff) Not to be as smart and all knowing as those who just know so much (sniff) and can tell others they are wrong (sniff) then finally someone tells those who were thought to be wrong that they were right. I mean (sniff) what happens to the ones that were so right in the first place? (sniff) I feel so sorry for them (sniff) like I can relate, you know? It’s just not right. It’s just… … Oh look CANDY!
  4. Now isn't that something? A guy comes in here basically saying there is no real problem, then a guy from GRIN acknowledges that there is one. Too funny if you ask me. Even more, according to Colin it's not a real problem unless it affects all players. Ooops, I guess it does now that GRIN found it. Rav
  5. Look, I’m not trying to be a smart a**. This is a legit question. I’m mainly addressing the connection issue, since I have virtually stopped playing the game since the patch has come out. With the history of GRAW1’s release, and the patches that followed, how is it that this patch for GRAW2 is released with the bugs that are being presented here? One would think that, from the experience of GRAW1, the patch would be scrutinized heavily before release. If it has, it doesn’t show. I know there had to be some sort of testing, and that not everything is going to be found, but, since this problem has finally been duplicated, and the complaints now vindicated, what is learned from this experience from a testing point of view? There are a few things I would like to suggest: 1) Learn from this experience and test for this type of bug ALWAYS 2) Dig out old experiences, whether you think they would apply or not, and test against them also. 3) Provide an uninstall of patches so we can get on with our gaming lives, thus possibly leaving you are peace (to some degree of it any way) so you can forge on to fixing the issue(s) I’m not going to rant on. I’ll only close with this thought/opinion. We complain about there not being enough testing or incomplete games being released. You can’t blame or ridicule us for being upset. In our eyes it looks like there isn’t enough testing and that the games are incomplete because that is exactly how we perceive them from the time we install them. You can’t be mad at us. We’re the ones who plunked down the cash and feel that we didn’t get what we paid for. Why? Because the game has bugs and it is incomplete. Rav
  6. Not calling you stupid. It was the only graphic I found that pointed to your quote and said I agree.
  7. Last night we got so tired of trying to get GRAW2 going that we went to GRAW1. One of my buds said his settings in video and controls were all out of whack and had to re-do them all. The only thing he did was install the patch. I personally did not see a problem, but I know his machine is new and has been runnight flawlessly until the patch was installed. Check your GRAW1 and make sure it's still as it was when you last played it before the patch. If it isn't then there is even more problems that this patch is causing. Rav PS: This thread had more to it, but it was censored.
  8. Censored Wow, I was told that this site was GRIN kissers, but I would not have believed it until I was censored by the forum police. I wrote two posts to this forum and because they were not GRIN friendly they were removed. That’s almost as bad as the game mags giving a good review on a bad product. Now the test is how long this post will remain. Rav
  9. We ran fine before the patch, except for the spontanious crashes. Congrats UBI/GRIN, you fixed the game from crashing. All you had to do was fix it so we can't play, then nobody crashes. BTW, don't tell anyone, but I'm pretty freakin' upset that we got this crap again. I try to keep a straight face about it. Anxiously awaiting the patch and the editor, to BOOM. It's like saying "got you again sucka". UBI is laughing all the way to the bank. I'm sick of this crap. Crysis can not come out fast enough. Shoot Battlefield 2142 is better than this piece of crap. Yup, I was all PRO-GRAW2 until the patch. This is nothing but an Advance Crash Log Generator. If these guys made Pong it would probably need a patch. Rav
  10. I found the problem. Unlike GRAW1 editor, you can't have a mod in the English folder when trying to open. Also unlike the GRAW editor I find this to be so unfriendlly of an editor that if it is what GRIN uses to make the game, then I can see how and why they get released the way they do. Sorry to say it boys, but I haven't the time to waste trying to figure out this mess. Pieces that appear far from where you actually click them, as if they belong to something, which they probably do. Shoot, I read somewhere that there were landscapes. Really? Where? You guys know I can make maps. I just can't put my life into this game any more. It's too depressing. Maybe I'll see ya in game, but I'm done. This rendition has taken it out of me, and like I said, I have a life. I'm not going to put it into this game. Rav
  11. Honest, I installed and edited batch. Noting other than that. So what makes me soo different. Other than I am doing this on Vista.
  12. I didn't move any files, only installed, edited the batch file, then tried to open it.
  13. Well, the long awaited patch is here. WHOOPIE What good is it if it crashes? I have been waiting for this day to come. I installed the patch and the very first thing I did was open a PDF file about the editor. Following it by the letter I copied the graw2_editor.bat file and renamed it like it said. Next I changed the inside to read graw2.exe -o context-editor.xml -path tutorial Next the tutorial says So with anxious anticipation I double clicked on that puppy to see my goodies. CRASH! WOW, just what I always wanted, another crash dialog box. Geee, thanks GRIN you shouldn't have. Really! Rav Crash in application version: 30292.2792 data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(-1): cant find member: hud_manager in type <Statsblock:global> SCRIPT STACK: data\levels\editor\editor.dsf(0) Renderer: normal Physics : normal
  14. Thanks for the clarification on the matter. It makes feel a whole lot better. Rav
  15. I just took a glance at the PDF manual provided in the SP demo and after reading about the [GR] CO-OP mode I’m a bit disturbed. Originally when Campaign CO-OP was introduced in GRAW1 only four players were allowed. Later [GR] was introduced that allowed us to add more players. Though not a true campaign mode, we didn’t complain about it because we could still fight through the map with more than four friends. According to the manual the [GR] COOP that is coming with GRAW2 will again only allow 4 companions at a time. There was no mention that there is going to be an [GR] version of the game that most of us have come accustom to. If this type of playis going to be how [GR] is defined, only play four people at a time, then count me out of GRAW2 altogether. Maybe I’m missing something and am crying about nothing. I would truly welcome anyone to show me differently, because I was all stoked for GRAW2, but now I’m not so sure anymore. Yes, [GR] as we know it in GRAW1 is all I care about. That is the kind of game me and my friends enjoy playing. Please don't flame me. I respect your type of game play, please respect mine. Rav
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