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  1. Its not impossible. A week or so ago, someone posted a round about way of doing it (God-Mode). I dont know if that thread is still around or what. I didnt write it down or save it because I didnt plan on doing it. oh, it could be in the ubi graw forums, like I said I dont remember where I saw it.
  2. Ok most of the talk has been about Dedis... those will be great for those that plan on running or admining servers BUT I will speak about people that I personally know and why they are not playing GRAW... Most of them do not have a PC that is good enough to run it smoothly. My clan that just recently split up in Raven Shield is the example I offer. Some dont have the money or ability to continually upgrade their PC or get a new one every year. They can still run Raven and some other games so they are sticking to those until they get an upgrade... I dont think I have known a game that had such a huge hardware requirement jump compared to other games on the market. Thanks to my upgrade for GRAW my other games are running on the highest settings without so much as a drop of sweat hehe.... and now many gamers are just playing the games they know until they finally get that upgrade to be able to smoothly run GRAW, the fact that this game is splitting up clans (not emotionally) makes it hard for the clanmates with good computers to stick around and play it nightly. NOW, there are many other reasons too, this is just the biggest that I noticed But if I took a poll of all the gamers that I know that play alot of FPS MP games, but not GRAW, I bet that is the number one reason....
  3. SP isnt dead... most people play it when they first buy a game ... and very few players play it again after they beat it. What makes a PC game last is MP... simple as that. People have differing opinions on which games are best but the obvious ones that remain around after years are because of MP play. examples: [GR], R6 series (excluding LD), Battlefield series, even the UT series (although I think the original UT was by far the best)... SPs could be built like many consoles versions but MPs should be nothing of the sort... Even away from PC, if you thought about an XBOX game that has standing for a long time... the only one that comes to mind is Halo2... Its because it is built for MP... Nearly all the other console games might as well be rented.... The next big PC game will be the one that has nothing to do with a console and everything to do with being built primarily as an MP game... My Humble Opinion of course
  4. I guess its all a matter of opinion. I don't think pollution has changed the way many things have looked in the past 10, 20 or even 50 years, so I doubt it will be much different in 5 years from now. My preference is crisp clean regular colors, that looks realistic. I am not bad mouthing the game by any means, I am sure many people like that sepia look, but I dont.
  5. Is it possible to just modify the current DOM maps to have 2 small zones only (spawn zones) like what you did with this one? Essentially, it would be the easier way to give us all temporary TDM maps for now.
  6. CTF! LMFAO @ that! At least something is making me laugh.. Now I can get through another day waiting for TDM...
  7. Thanks CHEESE! I think your server was one that I was playing in. I think 3 to 5 seconds is good enough for now.
  8. Well I would agree with you if this topic were about DOM mode (or any other team mode) but... Please read the topic. I am referring to DM (DeathMatch, aka: All vs. All ) only. I am not talking about any team modes. So it is not MY STUPID MISTAKE here... I am just saying that if there is a period of invulnerability for an individual that respawns at a random point, just make it so they can not shoot during that period of invulnerability as well.
  9. Well I jumped in and played some deathmatch on a couple servers. In one server it seemed like I could die instantly upon spawning (happened about 3 times per round which sucked with max deaths set to 5) AND in another server I had 5 to 10 seconds before I could get injured/killed. So this must be a server setting. It's not a bad idea (to give spawners a few seconds of invulnerability) since people regularly spawn next to 'active' players, especially when there is more than 10 people in a server. The issue here is that the person that spawns, gets to open up and wipe out any active player in sight and its not because the 'active' player wasn't behind cover. Once, I spawned, next to a wall and there was a car right in front of me. There was a player crouched behind cover, right behind the car (pretty much right in front of me). He was in a good tactical position, except for not taking into account that someone like me could unsuspectingly and silently spawn right behind him. Poor fella. Getting those cheap kills was about as annoying as getting spawn killed... Anyway, I am not here to gripe too much, but I would like to offer a SUGGESTION: IF PLAYERS THAT SPAWN ARE NOT VULNERABLE FOR 5 TO 10 SECONDS THEN DURING THAT TIME OF INVULNERABLIITY THEY SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SHOOT EITHER. That is all. It sure would take the 'cheapness' out of spawn-killing and 'reverse spawn-killing'.
  10. So true. I guess I will just live with it and hope things improve for me Or it could just be that I am not as familiar with the maps yet... In every shooter game there will be times that you don't know where you are getting shot from. It just seems that even with tracers this is happening more than I remember in the other Clancy games I played. My favorites on the PC have been Rogue Spear, GR1 and RvS. I think it will be just a matter of getting used to the style of play and the maps.
  11. I really like the game so far. AND I like the fact that GRIN is actually continually working hard to improve it. But my one main question (stated in the title) is my biggest frustration and I don't know if it can be adjusted or if I'm gonna have to get used to it. That is the main question I have now and had before the patch. The trace rounds are great when I am seeing other people battle but when I get shot a lot of the time the tracers seem to go from my left to my right before I fall and die. I rarely have time to even turn around to see where I'm getting shot from and even then most of the time I don't find the enemy. I have learned not to go back to the same area because 90% of the time the same camper will get me again... LOL I'm not much of a BF2 kind of guy, Im way more of a Tom Clancy game player, but I find myself alternating between GRAW and BF2 because I get so frustrated getting killed over and over and having no idea where it is coming from.. The realism and graphics pull me back to GRAW... It's a vicious cycle LOL But I'd love to stay with GRAW
  12. Well thanks to Degamer, I learned the yellowishness can be adjusted by changing the sepia_opacity in the post-effects XML file. So, I just kept all the 1.1 blood mod files and changed only the sepia_opacity in the post-effects.xml file and WOW.. Nice blood mod AND much more realistic color (less yellow).
  13. OK I took the post-effects xml file from the 1.1 blood mod and reduced all the sepia opacity and cha-ching, now we have the 1.1 blood mod with less yellow... very nice! Thanks for the info and mod degamer!
  14. Oh I didnt know that. It can't just ignore any mods placed in the local/english folders? That's Weird. Maybe there should be a client-side option to disable mods during MP play...
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