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  1. Yeah thanks for the help I finally got it. there is an easier way if you have a sniper gun. ================================================= Spoiler ================================================= Simply line up with the semi to the right of the ambush marker. Go prone wait for the APC to go by you can, 1) shoot out the gunner. 2) Shoot the driver and 3) shoot the guy in the back. Then look up and there is the machine gun nest. It's strange he does have a fixed Machine gun he just doesn't use it. Thanks for the help The bugs how ever are still annoying anyone else have their guys just wander into their own line of fire? --Loop
  2. Ok so at what point does a Machine gun nest use artillary support? Oh and I tried that 200 meters any direction instant blown up death. By any I mean, Came in from the south, North, Northwest, Southwest, East, West. I went prone and crawled and and at 198 meters... blown up in an ally with no visible tango's on any side.
  3. I take out the convoy no problem. I move to the rally point. Halfway something as yet to be found blows up me or my squad if I send them in first. there is no way around it and once I get within 200 meters things around me just start blowing up and never stop (nice unlimited ammo never reloads). Couple this with the bugs of the day and for the first time I am ashamed that someone would put this to market. Bug List: Loading game with sniper rifle requires you to fire before you can use the scope. (must load saved game) Friendly units will in follow mode promptly walk in front of your line of fire during an engagement and get shot. (I do mean like suddenly my scope is full of tan camo walk in front of) On Normal mode tango's manning fixed machine guns can spot and hit you over 500 meters away. (Hell I can't even seem them I just see bullets cutting me down) Occasionally friendly units will "fall" through gratings or concrete and be unusable for the rest of the mission. Friendly's set to "cover" do not fire if a friendly unit is anywhere in front of them. (What good is cover then I wonder?) /end rant Any tips on why I die (more than 20 times now going every way I can find and still death) or where that SOB is so I can kill him is appreciated.
  4. Xtream Gamers: www.xg-site.com PC Game Only! We are recruiting for competitive players which means ones who wish to enter tourny's and win money. XG as an entity has over 400 members playing several games. If you want to join a group of guys who play games professionally and semi-professionally this is the group for you. Naturally we do not take everyone so please feel free to drop by and post in our recruitment section. One of our officers will make contact with you for possible inclusion into the XG: GRAW Team. Thank you, InfiniteLoop XG Leader GRAW Master Tactician
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