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  1. One thing ive noticed is people choose Quanity over quality lol. As when Ghost squads were full 24/7 when i would come in and people would all have 250 + ping with a full server. Rather then play in a server local to them. As of now my servers pretty much belong to the community of GRAW only a couple of us play GRAW after the long awaited arivel there was alot of disapointment i personally had a good time playing the game for a while but after the problems with not being able to kick people from the server who caused problems and would cause the whole server to leave kinda was the first hit of not playing anymore.. The game was fun while it lasted but until there is some major improvement i will not be playing much.. As for the 2 Ghost Squad OC3 Servers i leave it to the community to decide the settings. I had fun playing with you guys either way.. GG
  2. Its funny you say that. My servers use to be full 24/7 till i put a death limit on them now they are empty. Considering i dont play anymore there prolly just gonna get shut down...
  3. How about Ventrilo? Ghost squad has upgraded our ventrilo to 50 man just for the occasion of GRAW i think its only seen about 15 people at the most..
  4. Check again man Ghost Squad TDM server is now set to 5 respawn 10 min rounds.. As for the HH server not sure how people wanna play it yet so they will accordingly...
  5. Ghost Squad Server is set for infinate for right now i like to let people play.. As you can see they like it to....
  6. Ghost Squad servers are up and Running in full force one with Hamber Hill and the Other with TDM. DEATHCAM ON!!!!!
  7. Im working on getting servers up what would people rather play first Hamburger hill or TDM?
  8. Downloading now Ghost Squad servers will be running HH and TDM
  9. well if games were released like they were for consoles (completed) then there wouldnt be a problem. Console games need to be bug free since there is no patching... you must give more respect to the guys doing PC games..
  10. Good job now there gonna delay the patch cause of a leak yay.. Edited by ZJJ
  11. As the Owner of Ghost squad Servers i was wondering how many people are still gonna be playing domination after the new patch? I plan on having 1 of each of the popular game play types set up, but its easier for me to let the people of the community choose what would be the best interest to try to keep the server full 24/7.. Thanks
  12. Sorry to hear your trouble with Ghost squad server. if you come into the server late then you dont get the starting Tact point till the end of the round so i lowered the round time also. But if come in at the start of the round the Start tact points is at 2000. I think thats plenty. Lets people buy what they want but still need to use some kind of tact... Any feedback is welcome in our forums @ Ghost Squad If those settigns dont agree with you there is also Ghost Squad #2 which has all the old settings applied to it basically i moved those settings of the more populated server to my Dual Xeon Server.. Try that out let me know how it goes
  13. Ok now this image shows blue as out bandwith but its actually backwards. The Blue is what the router is pushing out to my server.. The green is the Switch is pushing out to the internet... ! Um... your year shows till march? is that a forcasted? I guess the best way is with a localized utility on the server, to eliminate showing other network traffic besides your game server. Anyway oddest thing... i set it to 256 and tonight it actually appeared to run WAY better. Pings were more stable, less fluctuation.... maybe 128 was choking it. Its a managed Cysco switch that is showing only the 1 of 5 ip's i have set up and only the GRAW server runs through it...
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