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  1. Hey all, I'm now hearing that the issues some users were experiencing with the Custom Search not returning any results should now be fixed. thanks, HT
  2. Actually, thank UbiRazz for that one, Colin. He handles the UK GR site. I handle the US site.
  3. There are still some things I dont' completely like, but I feel better about GRAW now than I had before leaving for Germany as Rocky said. I know a certain community manager over at Ubi had to have been sweating bullets til he got to read it (a couple of days ago for the first time mind you) and saw it posted here. ← Not sweating bullets, WK... buckshot maybe, but not bullets. Great job on the report. And great job to Rocky and co. for their editing and prepping. And a big thanks to my Ubi peeps in Germany, the UK, and France who made this possible, as well as Bo and GRIN.
  4. Hi guys, just thought I'd pop in over here-- We're going to be doing some GRAW PC Q&As for the community, and I'd like to get some awesome GRAW PC Multiplayer questions from you. Please post your questions here, and we'll try to get as many answered as possible. [Posts Merged into existing thread]
  5. Just a reminder... All entries must be received by Monday, Aug. 8th, @ 9am PST for US entries, and 5PM UK time for UK entries.
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