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  1. Surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp GR Junkies! Nox here from Omega Ops....hello to all ppl I have alot of time in my hands these days and i have a pc that isnt capable of handling a game such as GRAW (if ne ones playing it) so i decided to replay the [GR] campaigne for the millionth time..i wanna know, is there a different way to increase the stats of the soldier (i.e. those lill xml files) wihout meddling the scripts in IGOR. Cheers and Jagshamesh! Forum looks nice btw! lol (havent visited the forum section is vevvy long timel lol)
  2. I dont exceed in anything...... probably not even Life! I hardly exceed in GR1 Specs LMAO
  3. 1. Concentrate on my A levels - not to flopp - Hopefully get a decent place at a decent university (BRUUUUUUUNEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLL!! ) 2. Be a bit less lazy 3. Apply for a job 4. Wait for the reply from the job place and if i get rejected apply for another job within 72hours or id get lazy! 5. Possibly join start fitness training if i get a job 6. Upgrade my PC (ones again, IF i get a job) 7. Increase knowladge on modding for both IGOR and or any mod thing available on GR:AW 8. Wait for 2007 9. If resolutions 1-7 fail in 2006 repeat again in 2007
  4. From my self and on behalf of Omega Operations i would like to wish the members of |GR.NET| and the whole Ghost Recon community a very happy new year! GOOD LUCK IN THE NEW YEAR ALL!!!
  5. hey guys...im lokin forward to use 3dsm to make stuff for GR ...but i tried to download the 3DSM mod from chems with the plugins from fileplanet but it cudnt download coz the ''files werent found'' so i was wonderin if any of u guys know a alternative way/place i could download it from? please thanx, bye Equ][noX
  6. ye me2 i run most game on 128MB even HALO and NFSU.... O.K TheBlakeness .....i will try what u said......but then what about the other plug in????
  7. no i odnt like XP because.....then i wud need more memory to play some games...coz some game like NFSU need 128mb with ME but 256with XP....so THATS A NO NO lol
  8. hhhmmm........STRANGE....i still dont get why it dont work for me....i tried re-installing about a million times......do u have to have massive memory or sumthing??? coz i have 128MB RDRAM.....and a 1.3Ghz processor. but then again...if it was a hardware problem y wud i get a error in PLUG INS....everytime it loads the ''EMPROXY.DLO'' plugin it crashes n goes ''ac1st15.dll caused an error'' and then shortly after ''emproxy.dlo caused an error'' AHGGGGGGGGGGHHHHRR!!
  9. lol.....there mayb other sources of getting 3DSM than buying it each for $3500
  10. no i have not tried that one....i will try to try it.... but please do keep sending me replies!
  11. IS THERE ANY ONE OUT HERE WHO'S GOT WINDOWS ''MILLENIUM EDITION'' and has 3DSM....if so please tell me WHICH VERSION OF 3DSM u have pleaaassse! if not can some one please let me know a decent version which WILL run with 'ME' because 6 is for XP and 5 is for NT...i have 5 but it doesnt work i get a errors in startup called..... ''ACIST5.DLL'' and EMPROXY.DLO ....
  12. cheers for that guys...i sure will try that....ill let u know if it worked....im sure it will but please do keep sending me further information about it...thanx again bye Equ][noX
  13. hey guys i have a question...as always so..in my mission your get points for each objective i.e objective 1: 10 points, objectuve2: 10 points so my question is.....how do u get the script to calculate the points at the end of the mission and say ''u have 20 points'' or if one objectives fails ''u have only 10 points'' how do u do this???
  14. cheers for that jack.....as always
  15. hi guys..... can sumone give me a proper good tutorial which would help me on EDITING ENVIRONMENTS..like FOG/NIGHT/DAY thing please?
  16. which PHOTOSHOP version or any software wud u use to play around with the .rsb images?? coz i tried to open a .rsb image with my photoshop i dont know what version it is it jus installed with ADOBE ACROBAT..lol and that said the .rsb image is a invalid format
  17. too bluddy excellent.....now u shud try making a HUMVEE with guns.....hehehehehe or maybe a APACHE or a F16 or sumthing ....lol GREAT WORK M8 KEEP IT UP
  18. cool thankx jack....ill try that one cheers keep sending pther ideas though
  19. JACK57: i didnt set the weapons for the hostages as their properties....at the start they dont have a weapon and there is a BMP wreck nearby so when they go closer to it they get the weapon..and only if they are within 10metres of the BMP...so after their weapons are set...they jus hold it with one hand...i even tried a plan for them at the start....just alertness and combat roe....and they still act like a bunch of wimps jus following the ghost around.
  20. yes ive done exactly what u said JACK57 ....but when the weapon was given they dont even look like they wanna shoot...they jus hold the weapon in one hand and jus follow the player.....but when i gave them a trigger plan which was alertness and combat roe...they jus stopped n didnt follow me...
  21. hi guys.... in my mission i have 2 PoWs (SOLDIERS) to be protected and taken to extraction but theres ppl to kill on the way....how can i script so the SOLDIERS will follow me and help the platoon by shooting tangos????
  22. see!!!!!! i dont want the spotting distance to change for everyone....damn.....looks like im gonna have to use the MOBILE HOWITZER.....thats doesnt FIRE at the player does it? DO U KNOW THE DEFAULT SPOTTING DISTANCE FOR AN ELITE ENEMY SOLDIER in METRES please??
  23. i cudnt find that black hawk! but another question......if u change the SpottingDistance of a TANK...wudnt change the spotting distance for EVERY ONE???? (e.g bad guys)
  24. cool....thanx for the TIPS/HELP... but how do u change the spotting distance of the tank issit on the script??
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