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  1. considering reentering the online world of gaming

  2. I do have a Gamespy Account (I think!), and I'm on Xfire. To be honest I've only just booted up GR:AW and clicked on the Mutliplayer tab in the vain hope that it would be as simple as just clicking on a game room and I'm playing with the rest of the world! Obviously that was not the case and I have to admit I've not invested a large amount of time looking into what I need to do - I was banking on there being a lovely simple tutorial on the how to side of things. I can remember what a pain it was getting online with GR back in the day (download this patch, download that patch, etc, etc.) but the reward was worth it. So just to clarify what I was looking for: Something along the lines of this - Step 1; Load GR:AW Step 2; Download this patch Step 3; Install this program Step 4; Press this tab Step 5; Get killed by someone at least 30 years younger than over and over again....
  3. Hi all Have not been on this site for along long time (played GR for many years!) but have just bought a shiny new laptop and my secong hand copy og GR:AW works on it! So firstly, apologies if this has been asked many many times before (I've searched about but couldn't find an answer), but can someone point me in the direction of an idiot's guide to how to play GR:AW online? Although I may be a little too old for computer games - but when in comes to technical issues, feel free to treat me like a 12 year old! Many thanks (Oh, and hello to anyone who remembers me!)
  4. Hello all Firstly, apologies if this shouldn't really be in the "Off-Topic" forum, but I'm sure it will be moved accordingly. Secondly, hello! How are things? Did you miss me? What's been happening? And, does anyone really play GR still??? Thirdly, (and the reason for my post) after 3 years I've just re-installed GR. It's been sitting under my PC gathering dust, looking at me, calling me, yearning to be played - and I gave in. I fell under its spell - again. All the mods are back on my hard drive - and I'm still rubbish! So, apart from GR, is there anything else that just wont go away in your life? I mean in a nice way (don't wont any unsavoury addiciton stories or anything like that.....) Love [staff Edit: Thread moved to the GR(PC) - General Discussion forum- Please try to post in the correct forum]
  5. 15mm miniature gaming? Oh yes! I'm afraid I've been secretly playing with my Warhammer Orcs!! p.s. Hello all - I've not been on here for years!!! Good to see you're still here - reinstalled GR the other week and back with my ghosts.
  6. Still playing here Novacaine - unfortunately golf has become my no. 1 pastime in recent months, but I still start up the best pc game ever once a week!
  7. Not been about for a while, so just popped in to say "How the hell are you?"
  8. THanks for the help. But Gav80 - if I gotta make ten mugs of hot chocolate, I'm struggling to get all those teaspoons done before the kettle boils! Commando Crazy - a bigger spoon? That means taking two spoons to the "boiling station"! One too many for me! I agree with Gav80 - Cadbury's (my prefeered supplier) do seem to want to sell much more of their product! Damn those chocolate loving manufacturers!!!
  9. We've got 7 marines at the moment - new recruits are thin on the ground!
  10. I think this topic has been milked enough
  11. Why don't they make hot chocolate powder the same density as coffee? It takes me 4 times longer to make a cup of hot chocolate because to make 1 cup I need to put 4 heaped teaspoons of hot chocolate powder in my mug. Why???
  12. Want online GR? Join the 101ST! http://www.spookeye101.co.uk/ Everyone welc0me!!!
  13. Thanks to everyone involved in organising and running this tournament. The 101ST guys all had a blast (quite literally!) and well done to all the clans involved. I personally really enjoyed myself and can't wait for the next one! Although I could only manage Mission 2 and Mission 3, this tournament shows how well GR is still supported. Once again, thank you to all involved. "Lonely, I am so lonely!"
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