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  1. As it should stay. I'd rather the world didn't know the way JSOC operates. It would make their job even more difficult than it already is. WH will release one photo.
  2. Say it is a conspiracy. Are the SEAL's in on it? Is ISI? Are all the White House staff members? All the military forces involved?
  3. People like operative won't be satisfied. Even if they release an image, or the body itself. You'll be like Trump, and want his long form death certificate.
  4. Im home. Ive been out for a bit. Working on a job at the local PD. Looking into US Marshall too. Seems their primary recruitment drive is focused on military experience. I think I can accommodate.
  5. The difference between the SEALs and every other JSOC unit... You wouldn't know if it was us. Or any other. Professionalism goes a long ways.
  6. Unfortunately for conspiracy theorists the burden of proof doesn't lie upon me. It's on you. Good luck.
  7. Daggum conspiracy theorists.
  8. Silent choppers? Man, wish I had those on my deployments, would have made life easier. /sarcasm off. DNA is familial, PID made by doucher's wife on the OBJ.
  9. I don't get it. Why do people, ESPECIALLY an infantry platoon, have issues with waxin dudes that wanna kill you???? It's your effin job. I don't now, nor will I ever have qualms with the things I've done and seen. Cowards if you ask me. Need to find a different way to deal with it. Me or them, I always tell myself. I'm going home to my family.
  10. Beta is... an alpha. Has a lot of errors. kill radius of the M67 is 5m, not 3 cm, 5.56 is weak, but not that weak. Ballistics absolutely need tweaking. Also, noise and light discipline. No one leaves there IR lasers on to scale a wall. Bad guys have NODs, not a lot, but they have them. If there was that much enemy fire, it would go something like this: You this is me, fire mission over. ######load of ordinance, grid ########## Having said that, I have it pre-ordered. I am looking forward to it. If Bad Company is any indication to what DICE is capable of, the multiplayer has potential. I've always wanted to play JSOC units, but I will be a critic. Don't mess this up!
  11. Were far off topic here Big, and there is clearly a language barrier as you are not understanding me, and possibly vice versa. If you would like to continue in pm's, by all means do so.
  12. I was doing a summons paper a few weeks ago, the paper was a follow on to a paper I served the day before. The days prior paper was prefaced by shots fired. I drove erratically through the area checking for victims or any suspects. The day after I came back to do the follow on, I was adressed by a concerned citizen. Claimed I was driving to fast, told me I needed to slow down. I had the urge to tell him next time there's shots fired in his back yard I'd take my sweet ass time. But, I digress.
  13. Here's the deal. You claim I have nothing to teach Spaniards about terrorism. I can teach all damn day about combat. I have deployed 5 times with the 3rd Ranger Battalion filling many different roles. I would never justify calling anyone a murderer in combat unless I was there. Especially when your source is a fascist liberal media site that tries to expose the U.S. Military as bad. Responsible knowledge, logos, pathos and ethos. Furthermore, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it doesn't take a genius to realize what terrorism is, and that it has been around long before you and I were even thought of.
  14. Yes, 9/11 has happened many a time in Spain.
  15. @Big I'd be curious to see your cheek turning abilities after 20 people fly aircraft into buildings in your country, killing 3000 of your citizens. It gets real fin easy pretty damn quick.
  16. Nice pics, what unit is that supposed to be?
  17. Sorry...did I miss something? Did the U.S. actually declare war on Iraq? DS So when a tornado tears through a town in the mid west and destroys tons of homes and businesses, and isn't declared a state of emergency, does that mean it isn't one? war (wôr)n. 1. a. A state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties. b. The period of such conflict.c. The techniques and procedures of war; military science. 2. a. A condition of active antagonism or contention: a war of words; a price war. b. A concerted effort or campaign to combat or put an end to something considered injurious: the war against acid rain. intr.v. warred, war·ring, wars 1. To wage or carry on warfare.2. To be in a state of hostility or rivalry; contend. Idiom: at war The Global WAR on Terror The WAR in Iraq The WAR in Afghanistan There may not of ever been an official declaration of war, but I declared it one. Through my 5 deployments (see bullet 1.a prolonged) and plethora of firefights (see bullet 1.a conflict) against al-qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan (see bullet 1.a parties), I judge it as a war without declaration.
  18. It's rather close minded, but I find it very difficult to find someone to discuss this war with... logically.
  19. Seems he is very comfortable with the left side of things as well.
  20. I'd of done the same thing. Putting it in terms more easily understood by people that haven't deployed in this war: Picture law enforcement, you are with your ###### head friend and he gets pulled over. This particular ######head has a gram of powder cocaine, next to you in the passenger seat. In certain states if he doesn't claim it, you, the unfortunate passenger dumb enough to associate yourself with ######heads, are charged and your life is ruined. You are judged by the company you keep. Another thing, you are a ######in fool if you don't take anything the media says (both liberal and conservative) with a grain of salt. EDIT: @Apex Who said there was any compassion in this war from the start?
  21. Played it several times, its a nice change of pace. Though I'm upset I am gonna have to level another character to be worthy enough to be in JSOC. Doing it in real life apparently doesn't count....
  22. I'll be starting gameplay tomorrow, PSN name- Morphene
  23. Theres good news on a daily basis, but since political discussions are banned I'll refrain. Not one of these soldiers, airmen, sailors, or Marines dies for nothing.
  24. I suppose that a victory for Canada... Didn't know Canadian Navy had staff in lighthouses. Guess ours are too busy on Aircraft Carriers, you know, actual naval vessels.
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