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  1. This mod turned out awsome! I had to go through all the moving boxes to find my GR cds and reinstall the game. After not playing GR for about 2 years I felt pretty stupid on the first mission. Snipers! In the trees? That was cool. Anyway, been playing one mission a night. It's pretty cool to see my work in the mod. I love how you incorporated my DSHK (dish-kah) machine gun. I should've contributed a lot more but my hobbies have changed. Thanks for giving me credit in the readme.txt file. Jay Hodgin M96Jay
  2. Wow, it's been what 2 years or over since this mod started! I haven't even played GR in over 1 1/2 years. I decided to load GR it up again and see if this mod was done yet. I guess I'll keep waiting. I was on the mod team at the start. Are any of my models still in? The DSHK AA gun? VC Equip? That would be cool if they are. You still have my blessing to use whatever I gave you way back when. I'll check back, Jay
  3. Are you using the helicopter points/tags for this or what? Looks cool. You said it yaws and acts like a plane? I want to get a fixed wing aircraft working LOL.
  4. Ghostrecon.net is one of the first sites I check when I get online. Keep it up guys. I was missing it.
  5. What's the status on Hotpant's Vietnam mod? Can't wait.
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