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  1. I think we can have a big map and not have the player get lost. Not sure exactly how ArmA works yet (buying it soon), but I sure there is some type of map/GPS system in place. So objectives will be marked on the map, or it could just say head east for 3 clicks, etc. One thing that would need to be taken into consideration is pacing. So don't make the player walk for 10 minutes to the target without seeing a single enemy patrol or something. If there is a long way to go then maybe the player could steal a jeep or something to get there quicker. Although, I know you don't want vehicles LS, it does keep the action flowing somewhat, and it could be there as only an option, rather than making players take the vehicle. On a site note: anyone know where I can get a copy of ArmA in Australia (specifically Ballarat).
  2. Not yet, I've been looking for it in local stores but they all say it's been discontinued because ArmA 2 is coming out soon. You're from Aus Lightspeed, where did you get yours from?
  3. I know ArmA is based on some American force (sorry can't remember) but if you are wanting something similar to GR how about having characters from different nationalities. Defined by a flag on an armpatch or something.
  4. Hey Lightspeed, count me in for this. Can't wait to get started!
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