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  1. better partner ai, better enemy ai, customizible weapons(come on. your a fictional unit. you should be able to chose what you want to use), better side arm mechanics, better co-op, more night missions, more sabotage, stealth missions, recon missions, no medic(i dont use him. it dims down the realism), better first person view(gr first person view sucks. third person ftw), and they can get rid of those gun ship rides. that is all of i can think of now. and i know my grammer sucks. sue me
  2. they need to have co-op intergrated into the main story. if they do that, then they sould make the campaign long
  3. i read that the ps2 and gamcube version dont use the developers original gaming engine. so which means that the xbox version is vastly superior to the ps2 and gamcube versions
  4. hey. i purposly joined this forum for that purpose. my 360 broke so i am finnaly getting a chance to play alot of older games that i couldnt afford when i was younger(though, one of the few games i had was gr2). this also works since when i was younger i didnt have accses to a internet connection to play online so i am open to maos i havent played. i will be getting gr2 and gr2 summit strike soon, but i need a new gamertag for the original xbox since transfering it is pointless. my email is sean_sobes@yahoo.com. feel free to hit me up anytime.. this goes for anyone
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