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  1. Man I was on Raven Shield to just see what was happening and people are buying servers and the it looks like twl ladder is coming back. There were more people on the old rvs game then there was playing graw2. Usually when I try to play graw2 online, there are a couple of full servers and a bunch of empty ones. I hate the spawn camping crap that always seems to happen. I really like graw 2 but so many bugs. We play coop almost every night and the sever always craps out at least once. I think it just needs to be fixed before they have the guts to charge for anything.
  2. sO WHO DO WE tell it is B R O K E N. or fubar or whatever!
  3. Is Gamespy or ubi down Hay we connot see servers. any one else having this problem 1:30 CENTREAL TIME
  4. The maps load but my server is seen as custom not campaign coop
  5. I did the patch and now my campain mission shows up as custom. Is there somthing I am missing. I can load all the levels now also. But people cannot join cause it says custom.
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