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  1. Not evidence at all but interesting anyways. yesterday I was playing and there was this guy who had very good scores. Something like 29-2 Nothing special about that. But everytime I met him I was killed even though I came up from behind with my mp5sd. He managed to turn around and kill me. Still.. This could just be some bad sync / pngs. But it was a bit odd. Then I found myself on a rooftop shooting at him on another rooftop. He was busy targeting others and never saw me so I shoot him in the head. Or, I tried to shot him in the head. About 15 times singleshots. Maybe more. I emptied my clip and when I reloaded the game ended. It looked like a hack that decreased his target area or something. I didnt get the Hit-Indication any of the times I shot him in the head. I could see most of his upper body + head. Is there another explanation?
  2. Oh. Sounds interesting. Can you tell more ? I love these gamemods were teamwork wins the game. TDM/DM is really boring.
  3. This is great. Finally =). NICE WORK I used to play the original GR on mac and we had this gamemod called "the General" 1 randomly selected player of team A was the general and the rest of the team had to protect him. Team B tried to Execute the General. This was one awesome mod. Is there anything like this planned for GRAW2?
  4. I know its way to late but something has been bothering me since GRAW1. First: Colours. The grass is brown and so are the trees. Why? Looks weird to me. I would love some stronger colours in this game. Is the Mexican border really this brownish? At least it could be an option for us. To saturate the grass and trees and bushes to make them greener. Second: Doors. Something that adds a lot to the gameplay. GR the original had this and it was very nice. Maybe Open doors with an option of Bashing them in, Nading them or slowly and silently open them with the mousewheel. Third: Weather. Rain, wind and snow. Again. GR original had this. It added a lot to the game. Fourth: Footprints. if walking in snow or mud footprints should be left but fading over time. These 4 points would take the game to 11 out of 10 Right now its just a 7/10 but still the best tactical shooter there is. GR is a drug. But even drugs can be improved. Not that I would know....
  5. YES YES, that worked brilliantly......thanks a bunch........ Fresh I tried this using a Logitech Marble Mouse (5-buttons)...didn't work. I sent an email to support regarding not being able to access the menu items using my current device. The response I got was "Thank you for reporting this issue. We are currently looking into adding additional support for non-mousewheel devices. Thank you for your patience." I can't find anywhere on the box that a required component consists of a mouse with a mousewheel. If a mousewheel is necessary to play the game then it needs to be mentioned on the box. I'm extremely frustrated, because I'm stuck at the second mission and cannot switch to the rocket launcher to take out the tank. This is something that needs to be fixed quickly. There should be a means of moving through these menus without a mousewheel. Has this been solved? I have the almost exact same problems. Very very frustraitng. Tried to reinstall the game, booting it and only map a few keys without touching the wheel. Didnt work. I also have a Belkin Nostromo n52 wich also has a scrollwheel.... Maybe that adds to the problem?? heeelp.
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