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  1. The biggest question is totally subjective here, for instance...U-Play OSP, the neon-blue situational Hula Hoops, the security blanket/invisiblity cloak, the mini-missiles, the HULK, the RC-piloted weapons systems, the 4 man Co-Op limit, the sheer amount of us who will pirate the thing in the first place, and on and on ad nauseam. ____ Curb your enthusiasm, Rocky. Joyious?
  2. Howdy boys...long time long time. This still going on? Oh, whom am I kidding, Of course it is, what is surprising however is the level of honesty in those quotes you are all in a huff about. Surprising in that the reps would so easily give up the golden-goose that is/was GR:FS(PC)...how else to lure in more suckers to purchase their latest unrelated shovelware by baiting them with that illusory :FS beta access. ____ In related news... If ever there was a time to not cross-post a topic!!! ____ Typical.
  3. Perhaps, no, it will save time if you actually read what I have posted regarding this. Reading comprehension is fundamental, eh.
  4. DS, "TinFoilHats.Com" is a blanket term for the origins of these looney tunes, i.e., 911truth, loosechange, chemtrailcentral, prisonplanet, etc. Was that really so very hard to figure out? Believe me, -although it should have been fairly apparent by now- that if/when the need to call out a fellow member by name arises, I'll/I jump. Weak dodge if you ask me, DS. Really weak.
  5. ^ To para-phrase... Following another link from the good folks at TinFoilHats.Com is not required when the first was sufficient, and where crib notes would suffice to fill in any blanks. How 'bout it DS? I'm giving you the opportunity to cherrypick the very best, the juicy stuff. Errr? ____EDIT: Heard a good one a while back. It involved ELF eco-terrorists under the direction of the DNC aboard a DPRK diesel sub and Deepwater Horizon...anybody have any utube video links?
  6. Well, actually, I believe DS did in fact state that the graphic presentation was improved. My real question was to whether in addition to that if additional changes were made... as in if a more brooding, sinister soundtrack was dubbed in, if additional witnesses have come foward to shed more light on the subject -perhaps someone of Pierre Salingers' status -before that whole Flight 800 conspiracy misadventure that is, or if some of the good-old counter-factuals were further revised ...or embellished. The subject matter was not/is not new to me as I actually participated in that Zeitgeist to
  7. @DS: No idea...really, I'd have thought that you were following along with this parody, all along. My mistake. For the record, I was responding to your request of a response and for that following another link from the good folks at TinFoilHats.Com was not required, when the offical record will do. @Rocky: Oh, really...something new on this that hadn't already been reported on...years ago? Any chance on getting some crib notes on this new interpretive history? I'd hate to have my IP history get me caught up in some Predator/Raptor/Carnivore type dragnet, if you know what I mean. Insert
  8. Fairly easily countered, there is the flight manifest of American Airlines Flight 77, the remains of those unfortunate passengers and government employees & contractors, along with the aircraft debris recovered at the scene. DS, did any of those military and law enforcement witnesses that were 'there' offer any testimony to witnessing any of the pre-staging of the conspiracy you seem to be suggest and just how do you secret in a goodly amount of a 757 past all of those metal detectors, or human remains and the other various combustibles past the sniffers? ...or did they happen to witness
  9. Just a stab here -no longer have the game and cannot check- but this mod was released prior to the v1.35 revision and may not be compatible with it.
  10. Context. I wonder what type of whistle-blowing PFC Manning will be up to in the stockade once the investigation is concluded. http://www.msnbc.msn...ience-security/
  11. ^ That sounds so conspiratorial. ... Any benefits?
  12. @DS: The (German) papers of the time ('45-'47) were filled with articles of volk going missing in the dark of night and if they (collaborators or agitators -never very clear which) were ever found it was usually with an unhappy result. Depending on the source they were either A; done in by the Werewolves or B; spirited off in the back of a GMC to parts unknown. The Occupation Forces Command was not exactly interested in telegraphing any discontent but if you look hard enough you can find accounts of M8 armored cars duking it out with organised groups making their last stand in some potato
  13. I think that that needs a qualifier...as in - There is nothing like a little bought and paid for postive reinforcement in the press (Read: Payola) to convince yourself you're on the right direction, despite all evidence -from all other sources- to the contrary. Ubis' problem is that some of the regular outlets (IGN, etc.,) no longer seem to want to pay to play along. ____ And as for that wake up call, well, I would not count on it.
  14. BTW: Patriot Act has a direct relation to 9/11 (I assume that's a typo or quick reply without thoughtWould you like to try again? To say nothing of the Imoticon feature. 4 separate groups aboard 4 separate flights...each group responsible for a separate action of a combined operation which should be a fairly simple concept to grasp. I read the topic title as "Conspiracy Theories" full stop, as if soliciting replies from both sides of the divide, as evidenced by the OP. Is this, or is this not an open forum with all members free to determine for themselves whether to participate, or not? Fal
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