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  1. I may not be a big participator on this forum but after watching that preview video I feel compelled to say that as of right now Ubisoft's versions of Ghost Recon are dead to me. I know it has been said a lot around here but GR was for realism or pretty close to it in game form, but if I wanted to play a scifi game then I have things like Crysis or Halo or AvP or several other titles where the scifi content is appropriate. Looks like it is finally time to give up my hopes of a new and true Tom Clancy game experience. Good thing I have several novels to fall back on. I will also take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all the GR fan made mods that made GR1 an even more awesome gaming experience for me.
  2. I know it is starting to get a bit off topic, but I will admit that ArmA Warfare is a fun was to spend a night gaming with mates. You can go rambo or use realism tactics, either way its still fun gameplay.
  3. I think I will stick to playing GRAW1 and ArmA, may be jerky and far from perfect but it still has just enough realism to make it worth while. On the plus side ArmA has binos lol
  4. Based off realism? Dissapointment stemming from nothing that has been addressed? Binoculars? There is no realism in GRAW 1 or 2. It is just a run and gun game like R6 Vegas 1 & 2! If you want realism then where are the things like stamina or fatigue or jamming or true scope drift or night vision aiming devices or injury effects or AI that doesn't just stand around waiting for you to come to it... I could go on here. These things ARE do-able in a game but no developer will because it would require too much effort and would break the rule of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) that seems to be the norm. Games these days are all about hollywood style graphics and effects with a small tacky storyline to hold it together. What happened to the depth and detail of the first few RainbowSix titles? I have been gaming for close to 20 years now and I must admit that games have gone backwards after peaking in the late 90's. Ok... I've had my winge, I'll stop now.
  5. Would it be possible to make a Medic or Health Regeneration mod for GRAW 1 and 2 ? If no one is willing to do this, could someone at least give me some information on how to go about it?
  6. Why should the game have different features when it is on different platforms? MP is ok, but the fixed kit selection is lame and limiting. I don't get why there is no medic or save any where features or at least a slow health regeneration. If anyone tries to tell me that such things are not realistic then they better call the whole game unrealistic because it is just so console-ish.
  7. I recently brought GRAW2 when I saw it going cheaply, having enjoyed GRAW1 I had high hopes for the sequel. GRAW2 is more like an expansion then a sequel! Why did they remove the medic and save any where features? I had expected the PC version of the game to be an improvement only to be sorely dissapointed. Am I the only one with this response? Has anyone modded or is trying to mod the medic feature back in? Load a save game and your health and ammo are not restored Annoying checkpoints are still in there too! Has the TC title really fallen so far into crapyness?!?!? Over all verdict ... I WANT MY MONEY BACK!
  8. Greetings Ghosts I'm looking to try out some new [GR] Coop maps for GRAW1. So I'm asking the community to suggest the most popular ones that both WORK and are GOOD for Recon and Firefight Mp Coop game modes. Also I am using the Task Force Wraith ACU Reskins and Brettzies brilliant M4/M16 mods. I heard a rumour that Brettzie may be porting his GRAW2 mod back to GRAW1, is there any truth in that? Thanks guys
  9. Greetings all! Recently my faithful old ATI Radeon x1300 graphics card was KIA so I'm looking to buy a new one. Can people throw in some suggestions on makes and models of good reasonably priced graphics cards to help me in deciding what to buy? The 2 I have been suggested so far are: ATI Radeon X1950 GT 512mb RAM ATI Radeon (Saphire) 1650 pro 512mb RAM I appreciate the help anyone has to offer me
  10. Greetings I am looking for some new campaigns for classic GR. Preferably ones that will work with other mods. Can some of you guys throw in some suggestions? Most definately I would love to see some new campaigns being made. So far I've only learned a few basic modding things like changing skins or weapons or ammo, so I'm not quite up to making my own campaign... YET I got a few ideas based upon my own real world experience in the military so if anyone wants to start up a new campaign and wants something to work with let me know
  11. Firstly... GREAT WORK!!! I've always had the deepest respect for the USMC. I first encountered them during a tour of duty in Iraq and always strive to find good mods for games to represent their goodness. I do have a question though. Why the M4 and not the M16A4? I could understand the demo guys having a carbine but the riflemen would have been most excellent indeed if they had that trusty old weapon modded up as is the standard practice these days. Overall this was a great addition to Classic GR As a footnote, I know a lot of people love GR for the realism but there are some missions in some campaigns where there are several tanks so I tweaked the demo M136 kit to be able to carry 2 Rockets and 3 C4 to give my grunts a chance in some of those killer missions. SEMPER FIDELIS!
  12. I need to know if there has been a bug fix/patch/update for CentCom because I hate having to do the campaign missions 2 or 3 times before they actually complete successfully Has anyone else noticed that the compass is backwards? This mod would be even better if the troopers were wearing ACU camo gear
  13. I'm looking for a good desert based campaign that I can use other skins/weapons mods in. Can anyone recommend any? Thanks guys
  14. I tried out Operation Stabilise and it is damn good BUT! (sorry guys) I still want a proper weapons pack to go with the SFTG Aussie skins. Trust me if I had the time and the skills I would have done this mod myself that is why I am asking to see if someone else out with the skills and the time can do it justice!
  15. This Operation Stabilise mod ... it seems some people had some issues and I want to know if these have been fixed/patched before I invest half and hour to DL it. Seems pretty good though from the review someone wrote.
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