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  1. Most online gamers are good to ''newbies'' ,but there are alot of people who for some reason dispise them. Well any ways to not make ''experts'' mad just try not to team kill i know accidents happen alot, everyone tks but when a ''newbie'' tks ,some ''experts'' like to reem the hell out of the. But tks really shouldnt make such a big problem especially on games with infinte respawn. But some idiots make it out to be a great tradgedy. lol Happy Hunting
  2. What I like to do to find out how a gun operates is, Pick Quick Mission Pick a medium sized map ( MP castle or Embassy ) Pick 6 men ex-6 Rifle men or 2 demo 2 sniper 2 support (since there are only 2 of these people Make sure someone has a explosive projectile ( rocket M203 etc) and someone take frags Put on ''teamsuperman' 'teamshadow' and 'ammo' Shoot a wall with projectile at about your height, and have someone frag the ground about 20 meters to 50 meters (use binocs to measure distance) from the mark on wall. Stand on the frag marking on the ground and practice shooting into the marking that you made ont the wall with explosive. Shift through various firing and stance modes. Make multiple Marks on walls and practice quick firing between the targets. If you want to go one step further with out playing online, enter the extremepaintball cheat (there is no indication of cheat activating, if done right everyone will stop mving) . Start walking with a team member then switch to another member with page up or down. If you switched the right way the last person you were will keep walking or running depending on what you made them do ( they will even remain leaning lol looks funny) When you got htem running/walking all you have to do is practice firing at them ( practice hitting a running target) Place a sniper far on one side of a huge map and place a rifleman(most picked online character) on the opposite side make the rifle man run towards him and practice sniping -WHEW talk about un need replys, mine takes the cake lol
  3. If you want more toy figure sites heres a few. http://www.smallblueplanet.com - online store http://www.opsgear.com -toys,gear,training,etc. http://www.21stcenturytoys.com -manufactuer Enjoy
  4. Good question. On large maps I use M4 Socom , M16/M203 , or sniper with the good ol' M24. On small maps its AK47 , M16/M203 , MP5 ( Purely for the joy of seeing people dance ) But then another thing comes to mind when I think of weapon selection, If Im a Ghost I use military issue weapons, and when Im a terrorist/rebel its AK47 all the way. ( Its rare for rebels to have high tech weapons unless they have weapon smugglers or stole military shipments. It makes the game more realistic if the weapons match the person using them, of course this aint cops 'n' robbers. lol
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