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  1. I have one of these also. Works great for me!!
  2. Here us what I found from here mdm - mdm.exe - Process Information Process File: mdm or mdm.exe Process Name: Machine Debug Manager Description: The Machine Debug Manager is used for Debugging Applications and is Installed by the Microsoft Script Editor which is included in Microsoft Office Common Errors: N/A System Process: Yes Maybe someone can explain further ...
  3. VERY cool! Thanks for sharing the link!
  4. I've had it for about six months. No sign of wear at all. RE: Teflon tape ... Make sure you get the adhesive type. I found mine on eBay ... very cheap.
  5. I have a "Ratzpadz" mouse pad and love it! I have an optical mouse. See if you can find some "teflon tape" to put on your mouse. The teflon tape improves the way your mouse glides over the Ratzpadz.
  6. What OS are you using? Do you have a cable modem or are you on dial up? Do you have a hardware firewall/router? If you have a cable modem and WindowsXP try this ... right click on your network connection and choose "repair". Sometimes that works. Also, if you have a hardware firewall/router, try unplugging that and pluggin that back in. That works for me sometimes, too. BigT
  7. I am insterested in learning how to do this too. Thanks SOTOPhantm!
  8. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Here is the thing .... I really want to store Ghost images. I imaged my HDD and there are 5 files totaling almost 9GB. The files are about 2 GB a piece. Does anyone know if there is a setting within Ghost that will split the files to 650MB?
  9. I know one (or more) of the experts out there will have an answer/opinion on this. I am considering getting an external hard drive for backups and general storage. Maybe something in the 40 - 60 GB range. I was also thinking about the possibility of going to a computer show and getting a used 25 - 30GB HDD and then buying an external case for it. Any thoughts? Thanks. BigT
  10. You could get Trillian. It is a IM program that allows you to connect to ICQ, MSN, AOL, Yahoo and IRC all with one little program. Check it out!
  11. Great idea! I have thought about posting a similar post. Anyone care to help???
  12. adaware & spybot search & destroy come to mind
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