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  1. clancey

    Magpul Masada V1.0 released

    What exactly is a .rar file, and what do I need to do after downloading this file to get it to install to the GRAW2 program and work with it? Thanks.
  2. All, I am unfortunately a computer rock so I may be doing something wrong that you all would recognize right off the bat. I am running XP, and have version 1.05 installed on the game. I downloaded the file to my desktop. I then told it to unzip and I pointed it into the main GRAW2 file. I can see the files unzipping, but when I get done and restart my computer the game runs just the same as if the files were not there at all. Would any of you kind souls provide me some step by step directions so I will know what I am supposed to do with this stuff? I just don't know enough to know what is going wrong when I try it. Thanks.
  3. clancey

    First pseudo add-on weapon

    MIG1, when you release the updated add on weapons package, will you be setting up a different download location, or will we need to go to the original location and download from there? When do you expect to put it out there for general consumption? Thanks for your efforts by the way.
  4. clancey

    SPQR clan skins!

    What is the procedure for downloading this mod? Any odd hoops that have to be jumped through to get it to work? Any installation info would be appreciated.
  5. clancey

    First pseudo add-on weapon

    MIG1, when you release your updated version of these weapons mods, do you have any plans to modify the way it works when it is unzipped and incorporated into the game itself. I remember you said that the original version wasn't going where it was supposed to when unzipped. I still cannot get the mod to work with my game. The game is just not seeing the mod, and I don't know what I am doing wrong with it. It would have been sweet though.
  6. clancey

    First pseudo add-on weapon

    Gang, I am having a problem in getting this mod to work, and it is beyond my capabilities. I am sort of a computer rock. I followed the instructions, unzipped to the C drive, then I moved the file over to my GRAW location. Nothing. Could anyone be so kind as to give me some step by step guidance here? I really want to try this out, but I just don't know enough to know if I am doing it right and it just won't work, or I am just doing it wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.