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2020 has been a year full of many surprising things. In terms of games, it has been a great and big year so far. There are already a bunch of interesting games released and there are more to come.  In these difficult times that we are going through as a world, entertainment is the best way to go to while up time and keep our minds off of the troubles we are facing of the coronavirus pandemic which has claimed thousands of lives. Some prefer watching movies, playing big win casino online games since we are in lockdown. Some, however, prefer playing games. that is why we have decided to share with you the list of the top upcoming games in June 2020.

The Last Of Us Part 2

The last of us is an interesting game which has managed to capture the hearts of many gamers out there. Naughty Dog announced the sequel if this game which was set to be released sooner. However, the pandemic delayed the release and no the game is set to be released June 19. The sequel focuses on 5 years after Joel and Ellie’s first journey through post-apocalypse America. Watch out as something takes place that forces Ellie to embark on another adventure.


This one is for the Ninja related games fanatics. If you loved Naruto then you should check out Ninjala. This is a game that focuses on a big Ninja tournament pitting players against each other in a big arena just like how they do at real money casino. The game comes with an 8-player battle royale. It is a very relaxed game suitable for those players who are not in the mood of the pressure that comes with competitive games.

The Outer Worlds

Outer Worlds is an action-packed video game that focuses on exploring the space. Although the game was released last year it has made it to the list because it is finally coming to Nintendo switch. To start of the game, you create your character then unlock your ship. Now it’s time to set out on a new adventure. You get to meet new friends who have their missions and backgrounds. You also get to fight a lot of enemies along the way.