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Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

The Ruthlessly Unforgiving Tactical Shooter Experience






Hardcore realism, with nonlinear play, real-world physics, and smart AI.

Infinite replayability, with tons of maps, missions, units, and equipment.



Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed offers a ruthlessly unforgiving tactical FPS experience by maximizing realism in every aspect of the game. Weapons match their real-life counterparts in accuracy, effectiveness, and handling. AI displays terrifying acumen in trying to outmaneuver you. Missions take place in open-world locations and are entirely nonlinear, with a minimum of scripted events and utmost randomization, for infinite replayability.

Heroes Unleashed pushes tactical realism to the extreme, setting it light years apart from anything you are accustomed to in today’s ubiquitous action shooters. One shot can kill. There is no magical healing, fantasy gear, sci-fi enemy markers, handholding, or guide towards certain victory. It is just you and your squad, on your own behind enemy lines, with caution as your best bet to survive.

Whether you choose to play online or alone, with friends or AI, Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed delivers a rivetingly realistic squad-based military combat you won’t find anywhere else.

No magical healing. No fantasy gear. No sci-fi enemy markers. No handholding. No guide towards victory.

Just you and your squad, on your own deep behind enemy lines, with caution as your best bet to survive.


• Absolute focus on true hardcore tactical realism

• Nonlinear gameplay, real-world physics, ultra smart AI

• Huge single player and cooperative multiplayer campaign

• Infinite replayability with hundreds of maps and missions

• Massive arsenal of authentic weapons and equipment

• Various international special forces multiplayer teams

• Detailed 3D models, hi-res textures, realistic sound

• Included add-on mods for personal customization

• Cross-platform compatible for Mac and PC

"Perfect mod!"


"Great job! Thanks for the time and effort."


"I've given up on Arma III's incurably horrible infantry AI, and have returned to Ghost Recon via the tremendously terrific Heroes Unleashed mod! Download this baby now!"


"Better than the original game by 500%."


"This mod finishes the game completely. I love it!"


"Heroes Unleashed breathes life into this old classic in a way I didn't think was possible... the gameplay is unbelievable!"


"Another great mod for one of the best games ever. Cheers - good job."


"Download it. You will literally never need another shooter. Ever."


"This mod is a masterpiece. Amazing job Apex!"


"Now that I’ve played it, I don’t know if I could ever go back to the vanilla game... One of the most ambitious mods I’ve ever seen... It’s basically a complete overhaul of the game to make it better in every single way... I can go on and on about Heroes Unleashed but there’s just so much new stuff included it’s ridiculous... It’s insane. The dedication is truly amazing"

"It is excellent."


"This mod is awesome... Big thanks."


"There really aren't any words to explain how much I love this mod. It should probably be called Ghost Recon Perfected."


"Absolutely adore this mod!"


"Very nice!"


"Congratulations ApexMods, for another great release! Heroes Unleashed is the best tactical experience I've ever had! I gotta say, no lie: I have DOOM (2016), Fallout 4 with all DLC, Project Cars, COD BO3, R6: Siege, FIFA 17, all installed and ready on my PC, and all I can play and think of is Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed. It's just AWESOME!"


"You are my hero, Apex. Your Heroes Unleashed mod is a work of art!"

Tye Hulm

"Thank you so much for this great work."


"Way cool! Everything works great, and it's amazing how beautiful the maps (even the old original ones), weapons, actors, UI etc. look in this mod. It feels like a new game!"


"It HAS to be the mod of the year! Great mod!"


"Thanks for the mod, bro!"

Heil Nop

"Stunning addon, makes a truly amazing game... this mod just tops off a great achievement in gaming and in modding."


"I love the Heroes Unleashed mod! It's amazing!"


"Very good mod. I can't stop playing the new missions over and over again!"


"The best mod to revive a classic game, an absolute must play! New maps, weapons, it's so refreshing and amazing, you won't be disappointed."

D. Bell

"Oh my god, thank you so much for this mod!"


"Awesomely revamped, beyond my expectations. This is a must try mod for Ghost Recon!"


"BIG thanks to ApexMods - great job! Amazing mod!"


"Just WOW! Everything in this mod is so beautifully and perfectly integrated that calling it a mod is just irrespective, this made Ghost Recon live again."


"Excellent mod, Apex. Thanks for your dedication, time, and effort put in to this."


"Amazing mod! I have been playing every day."


"It's 'just' the best mod if you want to play this masterpiece of a game. I can't play without it anymore, feels weird like that."


"You should be hired somewhere!"


"Great mod!"


"The most awesome Ghost Recon mod ever! This is how the game should have been released in the first place, with the revamped accuracies, new awesome weapon sights and models and ballistics, and the sheer number of weapons!"


"I have been playing these extra missions for hours, and they really are great!"


"Amazing work, dude!"

BOT Chicken

"Wholly crap this is epic! Just the size of the download: bigger than the game and its official expansions combined by several orders of magnitude! The commitment, labor of love, man hours spent building this without the 'official channel ' of recognition, and that people will spend hundreds of hours playing this, without million dollar ad campaigns to psych them up to make that effort, is testament to what's offered here... Simply amazing!"


"Do yourself a favor and download the Heroes Unleashed mod."


"Great AI."

Patrik Foldes

"Just wanna say that you're awesome, i think the whole gaming & modding community can look up to you. Thanks for putting so many years into the project."

John Guijt

"Great job on the Heroes Unleashed mod, and a 'must have' mod, by the way."


"Wow. All I have to say. Awesome work!"


"Mod is great, everything works as intended ... the enhanced AI and audio, new weapons, it's all good."


"This is a class mod."


"Amazing work. Congratulations!"


"Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to the tactical community! You are much appreciated!"


"Goddamn, IT KICKS ASS!"


"The best game ever....been playing this since 2002. And now with Heroes Unleashed I will play this forever."


"This is some great work!"


"I gotta say, IT'S AMAZING!"

Christopher Rodriguez

"It's not even funny how much better this is than every other Ghost Recon game and more than likely Wildlands."


"I'm playing this mod every day."

Raisa Putri

"If one had to try just one mod, then this is it. TERRIFIC work."


"Hey Apex, me and my friends have been playing your mod for a few months now and we absolutely love it!"


"Excellent mod, thanks a million!"


"Awesome mod of an awesome game! It played without a hitch... Truly a work of art. The class-crossover kit is a brilliant feature, and there's just so much kit to choose from I don't know where to begin! In conclusion: Awesome!"

krise madsen

"Thanks for the great Heroes Unleashed mod to keep the great Ghost Recon game alive."


"Nice mod. Freakin' nice mod!"


"This is honestly an inspiration... you've really done something with merit. You're a real example of how the gaming community should show interest in a title... The mod plays excellently... It comes across very coherent and cohesive... Weapons are all balanced great."


"Taken a great game and actually improved it."


"Everything runs smooth as silk."


"Hey Apex, I just downloaded your mod the other day, and it has reminded me why I love Ghost Recon so much. Great work!"

Outer Haven Inc

"This mod is just great!"


"Excellent mod! Thank you for all of the effort you put into this."


"I'm always amazed at the detail, thought and dedication you put into Heroes Unleashed. Ghost Recon players are so fortunate to have your mod."


"Great job on this one. Thanks for the mod!"


"Heroes Unleashed brings new life to Ghost Recon."


"I registered here just to say thank you for your work. I have recently reacquired Ghost Recon and its expansions, just to fall in love with the origin of this series once again. Downloaded your mod, and I must say you have done an impressive piece of work."


"Best Ghost Recon mod there is."


"Thanks for all the work, Apex."

Wile E Coyote 1969

"Still looking through the Heroes Unleashed mod, so much content! If only more game developers put this much time and love into their work."


"I have to say this is a great mod."




"Thanks a lot, Apex, for this great mod. Inspiring for all who love to play Ghost Recon. All the improvements in your mod are perfect."


"Incredible, I thank the modder!!!"


"This mod is the best out there."


"Big thanks. I must say, this mod is almost perfect. The weapon models are so beautifully built and skinned, the character skins look really cool, AI overhaul makes the game much more playable, as does the weapon rebalancing. The amount of kit selection is amazing, it always takes me a bit to set up my teams because of the massive selection, and it's not a bad thing. It actually makes kit selection pretty fun! The classified missions are great, I love the challenge of having to be prepared for anything. Adds to the authentic feel of a black operation. All in all, I'd say that this mod encompasses a lot of what Ghost Recon was all about and what it could have been. Quite unfortunate that the whole franchise strayed away from the tactical shooter genre. Cheers Apex, this is gonna be one of the only games I play for a while now."

Pvt. Snafu

"Tried it for a few hours... wow, what a great mod! Made a classic even classier."

Lks Hom-vidya

"I've played Heroes Unleashed with the clan and I love the mod."


"Great update, Apex! I've been playing with an older version for a while now and just realized that there is a new one. I love the inclusion of all the legacy stuff in extras. The mod is excellent."


"This is a great mod, thank you!"


"I'm falling in love with your Heroes Unleashed mod!"


"I commend you for the huge undertaking and effort you've put into this mod. As a long time Ghost Recon fan back in the day, it was surprising to come across this mod and see the 15 year dedication you've put into it."


"I have to say this is my favorite mod."


"There are no words... Heroes Unleashed just keeps getting better and better."


"I got Ghost Recon a little while a go on Steam... I found an awesome review on its Steam store page that mentioned this mod. After trying it out, with all its content and features, I'm very impressed. Truly awesome."


"Great mod!"

Ayu Taiyaki

"Apex, you're the man! Thanks for the hard work!"


"Played Heroes Unleashed recently, and it provided some of the most tense firefights I've ever experienced."


"You want a new game? Listen to me...REALLY! Since a few years I search and buy a lot of FPS, because I want a realistic tactical shooter game... and one day I find the Heroes Unleashed mod for Ghost Recon. Since this day I forgot the ArmA series, the Rainbow Six series, Squad, and all of the other war games. This mod changes the game in all aspects. The original game is very cool, but with this mod it is THE BEST TACTICAL SQUAD GAME OF ALL TIME!"


"The Heroes Unleashed mod is AWESOME."


"Thanks for your dedication, work, and time, to bring so much fun and pleasure to us."


"Congrats Apex! Your mod is hands down one of the most well put together mods of any mod from any game I've played. I love the level of attention to detail on everything, that amount of polish and consistency is something I'd compare to a Rockstar developed game. I'm sure I can speak for the silent Heroes Unleashed fans, the ones who may not use this site, or the ones who populate Steam or YouTube or any corner of the internet, or the quiet ones who simply just download and play. We thank you for this mod and the continued development."


"Thank you for keeping Ghost Recon alive through your mod."


"Pure perfection, fantastic job! Time to play this fantastic game again!"


"This is a MUST for anyone who plays Ghost Recon. The intensity has been raised thanks to this mod as well as the amount of gameplay. Do yourself a favor and load this mod. You will not be disappointed. "


"Thank you, and keep up the good work, the mod is outstanding. Cheers from Poland."


"I’ve been playing Ghost Recon for years. Heroes Unleashed is the best."


"I used Heroes Unleashed and loved it! Thanks for all your work Apex, it allows me to keep coming back to my all time favorite game with a fresh look."


"Fantastic! Thanks for this excellent work!"


"Hey ApexMods, great job on your mod! I'm a soldier myself and love the things you've done!"


"I cannot image how to play Ghost Recon without Heroes Unleashed anymore. Massive amount of new weapons, sounds, maps, and last but not least a lot of textures have been tremendously prettified. Thanks, and hats off!"


"This is an amazing mod, better quality than Wildlands by far. Awesome."


"First time ever I've seen the AI trying a flanking tactic, and they succeeded!"


"Working superbly well, and I love it. Don't know where you find the time, or the talent. Thank you very much indeed for keeping Ghost Recon up there with the best."



"Awesome job! Thank you SO much for taking the time and effort to put this together!"


"Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed is awesome! Hundreds of maps and weapons and a perfect mix of slow-paced tactical gameplay and action-packed firefights. With the Heroes Unleashed mod, Ghost Recon looks and feels brand new and kicks the ever-loving sh*@ out of modern shooters!"




"I thought I was good at FPS until I tried Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed and completely got my ass kicked by enemy AI. This mod is pure hardcore! Forget about CoD, MW, BF, OFP, ArmA, etc. - NOTHING(!) in the world of shooters comes close to the suspense you'll experience playing this. Bricks will be shat!"

Jack Stone

"Simply amazing!"

Peter W.

"Wow. Just WOW! Great mod. A slew of weapons, new weapon sights that look really good. Missions....again. WOW. There are hundreds of missions. Missions are also randomly generated when played, with some really interesting objectives. The mod brings a whole new life to the game."


"Having a blast! The only mod I'm using is Heroes Unleashed. In 2016, I played a lot of Insurgency but it's not really tactical. In 2017, I played a lot of Wildlands but it definitely lacks something that Ghost Recon has."

Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed


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Mac OS 9.2 – 10.x • Windows 9x/ME/2k/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (x86/64)
1.0 GHz processor • 1 GB RAM • 128 MB graphics card
30 GB available disk space (up to 40 GB during installation)
TCP/IP connection (for local network / internet multiplayer)
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon (2001)



Drag-and-drop. Unpack the .7z file and read included instructions.


As a compact introduction to Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed, e.g. for people with limited download bandwidth or data caps, the demo with reduced content (1.70 GB download, 5.72 GB install) is intended to give you a first impression of gameplay and features.