The Siege Report by Rocky
Published Feb 2003


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Glitching is a phenomenom that can occur in any Ghost Recon game, but is perhaps more prevalent in Siege games due to the nature of defending, i.e. holing up and waiting on the incoming force.

The most indepth and detailed analysis of glitching was prepared by DeLeyt of Alpha Squad, and you can read it in full here. Drunk Bob also posted an excellent explanation in the XRW forums here. If you glitch during a game, you will be accused of cheating, so read our summary now, learn to recognise it, and how to avoid doing it by accident.


One of the most problematic areas when it comes to glitching, are craters and trenches. Let's take an example - blue team are on defence, and John Dope has positioned himself in a crater and is camping it out waiting for Red Buttons from the attacking Red team to stroll by. John readys himself by crawling up the edge of the crater until he can just see out and no more, he settles in and await his prey.

Red Buttons is a stealthy player however, and sees John Dope's head like a pumpkin perched on the edge of the crater. He takes careful aim, he fires, nothing. He fires again, again - John Dope suffers no wound, although he does become aware of the incoming fire. So John turns his rifle in the direction of Red Buttons, by which time Red is starting to sweat peanuts. Red takes one last careful aim, shoots, and sighs, as John Dope returns fire with one solitary well placed bullet, that drops Red Buttons like a server with a 2000 ping.


So what happened there? Simply - John Dope was glitching. His head was exposed, but could not be hit, although he could fire from the position. The thing about glitching is, if you do it, people will know about it. As soon as they take a shot that mysteriously causes no damage to your skull, they will know, and shortly after, the whole server will know, that you are a Glitcher. Except that, that will never happen to you, because now you have read Rocky's Siege Special, you know all you need to know about Glitching. It's bad, don't do it. Want to know how? Read on.


Glitching is caused by geometry errors in the game, once you know about them, you can avoid them. If you must camp out in a crater or a ditch, don't inch forward until you can just see out of the ditch and no more, that is exactly the point at which you are likely to be glitching. Push forward a little more, give yourself a better view of the area, and avoid being caught in a Glitching argument. If you catch somebody glitching, try and remember, they might not have the insight you now have, and may be blissfully unaware of the situation they have got themselves into. Point out to them (and the whole server) what just happened, and move on - enjoy the next game!


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