The Siege Report by Rocky
Published Feb 2003

Interview Part 2 and Servers next week!

Siege Rules

Interviews Part 1 [servers | clans | sensors | IFF | defend or attack]
Interviews Part 2 [defend tactics | attack tactics | winning advice]
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Siege has become one of the most popular Ghost Recon game types, only Hamburger Hill manages the same sort of player numbers on a regular basis. Some players have almost exclusively played Siege for the last year! So why is that? What's so great about Siege, what does it take to become good at it, where do you find good Siege Servers, are there any cheats to be wary of, and who are the top Siege squads and players? During this Siege Special we will answer all those questions and more.

To help us answer these questions we rounded up the cream of the Siege Server's and interrogated them until they spilled their guts, soiled their pants and eventually revealed their tactics and winning strategies.

Siege Rules

Siege is a multiplayer game for 2-4 teams. Each team starts the game at their base, but the base with the smallest number of members becomes the focal point of the game. The smallest team are designated as the Defend Team and must defend their base from the other teams who have to seize the base to win the game.

The location of the defend base is highlighted on the command map, and is identified by coloured smoke in the game. For the game to end, the attackers must occupy the Defender's base for 5 seconds, or the Defenders must fend of the attackers and prevent losing their base. A time limit is usually set.

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