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  1. Whew. Finally got to the end.

    So I'll toss this one out there, since I haven't seen it come up yet:

    This sounds huge, and I don't just mean the hype, I mean the scale within the game. Granted, given the way the TC franchise does things, you'll have a lot of "global info/intel" support, so it's not like the game has to cover every location/incident referenced here, but if it were to even try to, the first thing that comes to my mind is Real Time Strategy.

    Perhaps it's the second coming of Force 21? :D

    You know, just because it seems to be combining 3rd and 1st Person action titles doesn't mean the gameplay has to work out that way. After all, the scale of the info is coming in very much at the strategic level.

    Of course, I'm not putting my money on that. The biggest reason to speculate it's not an RTS is that consoles are currently Ubi's baby (and rightly so, at least from a market standpoint). That's not impossible to do, but it'll be rough.

    L12 SC LFG!

    Well, as long as I was specumalating, thought I'd throw a wild one out there. Howabout a TC MMO?



  2. yeah only on ebay though. none of them have been overclocked yet.

    i think the GT was discontinued by nvidia because the GS was cheaper to produce.

    id rather not do any over clocking and from what ive read ones that you can open up the 4 pipelines on are very rare.

    so do you think the GT would be the way forward?

    thanks for the help.


    Im watching a few of these galaxy GT ones:


    they have extra cooling so i wouldnt mind overclocking the clock speed on these...

    I'm thinking the other way around. My vote is for the GS. Performancewise, a 6800GS should be about a match for an earlier 6800GT. If they trade places by a nose performance should stop being a purchasing concern.

    IMO, because the GS runs "cooler" and more efficiently, you'll probably want to go with this. Plus, GTs are end-of-life already. support has been dropped where as the GS is still a going concern.

    Plus, as you noted, the GS is cheaper to produce, where as the GTs are out of stock. In general this means you'll get a GS card for cheaper than someone charging a "rare" premium on a GT.

    I see you looking at ebay. Can you get something from an online retailer/parts distributor (basically whatever the UK equivelant of newegg or zip zoom fly would be?). You'll find better support options that way.

  3. college lan out of my control

    Yup, woe is you.

    It may be out of your control, but it's not out of your influence. My Sophomore year in school, the IT department clamped down on network access and blocked several ports after a series of incidents involving out network.

    One of my suitemates wrote an article for the campus paper (and then did some extra work drumming up support among the students to at least read the article). While the Administration wanted us to focus on accademic uses for the accedmic network, they eventurally relented and the IT deparments opened up the ports again.

    Starcfraft and R6 for everyone! :D

    Oh yeah, and as an aside. One's ability to negotiate their own rent/lease conditions, their own telephone, television and internet service providers, etc....those are all good reasons to get out of the dorms and into an appartment.

  4. No, on PS2 Version, there is a mission where Carlos steals helicopter and has football with him.  The mission objective is to bring down Carlos with the fixed guns that are there.  I just cant seem to do it.  I thought there may be some method or pattern I dont know about

    Oh, I'm an idiot. My apologies, I thought I was still in the 360 version thread.

    I haven't played the PS2 version, sorry I wasn't much help.

  5. Don't people remember when you first started out in GR you got to pick from:




    I forget the name of the sniper rifle

    Only the specialists could carry different weapons which you had to earn.  Here, we get 6 right off the bat which is cool.  However, I still would prefer another sniper rifle and maybe another support weapon.  Has anyone looked through the files and see any skins or files related to other weapons that might be unlocked?

    Don't forget, when GR first started you were a light infantry unit and you felt like it. The ghosts were closer to the US Army Rangers than they were to the 4-Man Generic Special Ops Team featured in every game and spec-op movie shown on HBO :D

    Personally, as much as I like the GR series and GRAW, I miss that feeling.

  6. I cant login into gamespy through the game.

    Says password is incorrect(but I can log into game spy)

    Wont allow me to create a new account....Says I need to confirm my password. (which I have tried several times.)

    *scratches head* are you using the same name and same password as you used for BF2 (if you played)?

    But you said you could login to gamepsy, right?

    *Scratches head* all I can offer is "hey...it's gamespy. go figure" :D

  7. I cannot bring that helicopter down with carlos in it

    Ant tips??

    *scratches head*

    You mean the one that toasts the APC, and then flies off?

    You don't have to bring the Helo down, at least, I didn't. But I've only finished it on normal so far.

    Just keep heading towards the next waypoint. Eventually, you should find that carlos is holed up somewhere, not in the helo.

  8. I really miss the drunken LAN parties we used to have back in the day. :thumbsup: When I get my hands on the retail version of GRAW we'll have to hook up and give it a go.  Am I right in assuming it will at least support 4 player mp coop out of the box?  :(

    I miss those too, but I feel safer not being locked in the bedroom with a drunken Rune :D

    *ahem* back on topic.

    Yeah, Retail will have 4-player co-op out of the box (and I'll let you know tonight, if for some reason it doesnt). I gave the demo a spin with Rune and some others using Hamachi to establish a quick VPN connection though.

    Honestly, aside from the fact that it can be mad difficult coordinating with no respawns (I got TK-sniped in the back of the head a few times :D) Co-Op is definately the biggest selling point of the demo for me.

    You know where to find the B, yes? Drop by, we'll post when we're throwing a game up or something.

  9. Beermug, a few things first:

    a) That first shot is from one of the many convention demos that were shown. That shot is definately not taken from the 360 game (which I do own, but which you can also see for yourself by going to most reviews or our 360 forum).

    b) you can go first person in the 360 version. It's old school GR first person though, ret only, no first person weapon view.

    c) It was claimed that only the 360 had the horsepower to provide a live window in window effect for the CrossCom. This is more or less TRUE...among the consoles. PC games have been doing this for years though (and maybe, depending on your interpretation of how window in window is run, it might be a different "thing" they're doing, but the effect to the end use is the same).

    The other thing to note is, it's likely that 360 has it built in hardware/drivers some basic command calls for rendering a camerview picture-in-picture style (similar to how later CPUs have built in instructions for basic command calls used for media). Basically providing a common function for all game developers to exploit, instead of requiring each to write their own code. If you play another 360 game, like Perfect Dark Zero, it also makes heavy use of a similar windowed camera view...though in differenc circumstances.

    Anyway, trust me, that first shot is not from the 360 version

  10. Yo LP! Good to see you around man.

    Wow, one good feature of this GRAW demo is that it's pulling all these old schoolers out of the woodwork :thumbsup:

    Hey bud. Great to see you too. Been a long time. I've been quietly waiting in the wings here for the next GR title to hit the streets. If this demo is any indication I may be waiting in the wings for some time to come unfortunately. I'm keeping an open mind at this point however. It will be interesting to see how things play out with this game.

    Holy Heck! No kidding about that Long Time No See, LP.

    I was wondering if you were looking at GRAW at all. I was sort of expecting you to wait on that 8th 400-DVD carousel changer, and a new remote. :D

  11. Could someone who is going to get GRAW today confirm the build number?

    is it grpcrcl.02?  :)

    grpcrc1.02 ? :blink:

    Ghost Recon PC Release Candidate 1.02 <_< Where did you get that?

    I could be wrong though :whistle:

    I asked some guy who got the full product today. Here's the topic: http://forums.ubi.com/groupee/forums/a/tpc...13/m/1281061934

    :blink: lol now that is odd. That would be the first time ever I see a retail product with rc in it's version number... Unless it means red cross or what ever :huh:


    Had a talk with my coworker about this (and we're in an IT hardware/software/service company so we see a similar release process).

    RC could very well be release candidate, which doesn't mean you're getting a non-final build of the product. After all, ALL release candidates are final builds, the Retail Copy (also RC, btw) you get happens to be the final build that passes testing and management approval.

    That being said, it may be "release candidate", and after it passed they may have burned that candidate straight to CD and sent it off to duplication without having rebuilt it again, just to change the version number. It makes sense in a way if they're nervous about introducing random/unknown error in the rebuild, not to mention satisfying the hordes of fans already crying "where is it" "we deserve it now" "show us the money" etc. etc. :P

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