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  1. Not sure how much you guys are going to care, but here you go, all the same: http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/902/902336/vids_1.html
  2. Whew. Finally got to the end. So I'll toss this one out there, since I haven't seen it come up yet: This sounds huge, and I don't just mean the hype, I mean the scale within the game. Granted, given the way the TC franchise does things, you'll have a lot of "global info/intel" support, so it's not like the game has to cover every location/incident referenced here, but if it were to even try to, the first thing that comes to my mind is Real Time Strategy. Perhaps it's the second coming of Force 21? You know, just because it seems to be combining 3rd and 1st Person action titles doesn't mean the gameplay has to work out that way. After all, the scale of the info is coming in very much at the strategic level. Of course, I'm not putting my money on that. The biggest reason to speculate it's not an RTS is that consoles are currently Ubi's baby (and rightly so, at least from a market standpoint). That's not impossible to do, but it'll be rough. L12 SC LFG! Well, as long as I was specumalating, thought I'd throw a wild one out there. Howabout a TC MMO? NEED GHOST FOR PLAZA RAID! PST!
  3. I'm thinking the other way around. My vote is for the GS. Performancewise, a 6800GS should be about a match for an earlier 6800GT. If they trade places by a nose performance should stop being a purchasing concern. IMO, because the GS runs "cooler" and more efficiently, you'll probably want to go with this. Plus, GTs are end-of-life already. support has been dropped where as the GS is still a going concern. Plus, as you noted, the GS is cheaper to produce, where as the GTs are out of stock. In general this means you'll get a GS card for cheaper than someone charging a "rare" premium on a GT. I see you looking at ebay. Can you get something from an online retailer/parts distributor (basically whatever the UK equivelant of newegg or zip zoom fly would be?). You'll find better support options that way.
  4. Haven't had this problem yet, but I haven't toyed with MP all<i>that</i> much. I'm also running a similar config (A64, 7800GTX, but onlny 1 GB of RAM). Of course, if it's bandwidth related, we may be seeing the biggest difference there. Gotta ask, what type of MP games are you trying? just domination? just coop? do you have problems with both?
  5. Bah. Thought you were sweating to look all tough and gruff.
  6. Holy heck. Haven't seen you around a forum since Ubi! Not that you'd recognize me since I only raised mild protests, but I never got to say congrats. Hope you like the new gig.
  7. Key to the embasy for me was to hold the high ground. ← So if I get my fellow ghosts to all die in a pile, I should have some sort of advantage, right?
  8. I'll be wondering around. ← What, no more standing through the roof of a hummer with an xbox controller in hand? You're a young man yet, R!
  9. No clue, but I'm glad to see you've made some progress. I'll let the next smart-alec with an idea take over from here. Don't give up hope just yet! Someone here (or at...gah, gamespy) might have a good idea.
  10. Yup, woe is you. It may be out of your control, but it's not out of your influence. My Sophomore year in school, the IT department clamped down on network access and blocked several ports after a series of incidents involving out network. One of my suitemates wrote an article for the campus paper (and then did some extra work drumming up support among the students to at least read the article). While the Administration wanted us to focus on accademic uses for the accedmic network, they eventurally relented and the IT deparments opened up the ports again. Starcfraft and R6 for everyone! Oh yeah, and as an aside. One's ability to negotiate their own rent/lease conditions, their own telephone, television and internet service providers, etc....those are all good reasons to get out of the dorms and into an appartment.
  11. They call him... the Vilnius Schoolmaster < / baldwin voice>
  12. Oh, I'm an idiot. My apologies, I thought I was still in the 360 version thread. I haven't played the PS2 version, sorry I wasn't much help.
  13. Don't forget, when GR first started you were a light infantry unit and you felt like it. The ghosts were closer to the US Army Rangers than they were to the 4-Man Generic Special Ops Team featured in every game and spec-op movie shown on HBO Personally, as much as I like the GR series and GRAW, I miss that feeling.
  14. *scratches head* are you using the same name and same password as you used for BF2 (if you played)? But you said you could login to gamepsy, right? *Scratches head* all I can offer is "hey...it's gamespy. go figure"
  15. Just as you were getting upset that Ubi was taking us to the four (and three) player limit in coop, it looks like we're Getting Army Of Two from EA Of course, I remember when two-player simultaneous co-op was the $@#!$nit, and PDZ pulled it off quite well, IMO.
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