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  1. Oki, nice work Hantrox. Shall be trying this tonite i think.
  2. I have been in game with 2 teams running on co-op mode recently. Is this a simple option i have overlooked, or is it a mod? Thnx
  3. Ok thnx Jack, shall try and filter them out.
  4. I set up some tangos in a camp and i had 1 by a fire simulating he was cooking, another smoking, 3 guys chatting etc... only i see them do these things, everyone else just see guys that look like they are holding weapons but have none? is it ok in multiplayer to use these commands?
  5. Thnx all, and rgr that Fox,... anyone sorted a proper Heli evac, that works in MP?
  6. No mention of DSM`s here..? http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/helicopter-scripting.htm Can anyone explain this for a beginner please? My Blackhawk is working fine but as previous only for the host! Thnx...
  7. Biff`s defend maps, great mods. they can be found on most download sites including ghostrcon.net
  8. Oki thnx Bongo, and Stalker it is running now a treat. Same principle for the GL?
  9. I still can`t get it to run any help pls.
  10. Just thought i`d bring it back up as several peeps lately including myself had the giant snowflakes. Updated video driver and sorted thanks all. I never had the problem with Radion Just Nvidia.
  11. Thnx Bongo i put the kit in the right file but when i weapon change/loop actors instead of assign nigel_tunney-01.kit i use kit_demolitions-02a.rsb when the game starts it says find key instead of ammo and weapon?
  12. Sounds like the right direction however when i get to mods/origmiss/kits/demo/demo-02.kit i cant open the file? Basically i am trying to make a training/testing mod for M136 with AT only option with unlimited ammo.
  13. Anyone know how to make the M136 as the primary weapon rather than the secondary?
  14. Thnx TAW similar question moved to wepons modding
  15. I am trying to make a targeting map, for AT firing. I have assigned nigel_tunney-01.kit with unlimited ammo but still i only get 4 rockets. Anyone got any ideas?
  16. Deleted the file and no problems ty
  17. I have the same problem but don`t appear to see an answer, any help. My ban folder is empty too!
  18. Having read the posts and in need of renting a dedi-server for 25 people was just wondering has anyone actually got 1 that is stable and if so were from?
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