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  1. yeah i know all that . but what happens is with using the stock missions as a template to start my TRR maps it will not read my env. it wants to read the stock env, and skybox. i used the skinner to make the maps read their own files so it dont read the stock maps in multiplayer games.but now it wont read my missions i used as templates if i use a new mission file it reads just fine with now conflict with the textures showing up on other maps . this is why i need someone that knows how to set up a mission i can place the map base 0- 3 and map points 0 -35 but after that im lost as to what needs to be done for it to work . need someone to finish it out . or help on doing it. thanks again all
  2. hello all need a little help.im making retextured winter maps for war-leagues and IGS leagues. they use TRR maps. to eliminate respawn raping. but heres the problem i run into i was using the igs trr missions but for some reason they will not read my env. file to show the retextured maps keeps wanting to read the stock env. maps. so i need to start from scratch with them . all i need is the 4 bases and the 36 respawns. ill move them all around afterwords so they dont match up to the trr maps now in use. can anyone help out on this . its just a few maps prolly 6 at the most my msn igs_bludawg@hotmail.com thanks all blu
  3. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR ok i did all that sleeper with the skinner and all. lol now when i go into game i have no snow textures on my map its snowing but i lost everything. but when i open the env. file it still says its reading the stock env, i think this is my problem. i changed every name in the maps folder. even the env,sht, and map file. when i run the skinner when it is time to save it do i save it in the model folder or somewhere else?. by the way do you use ventrilo? or msn i would love to get walked through this once then ill be on my way lol, alot easier that way. thanks again. blu
  4. thanks all for the help i can tell im going to get into this modding. with all the great help on these forums from you guys. you are great THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blu
  5. thanks again sleeper your the man ! alot of help thanks again blu
  6. ok ive done a few retextured maps in winter, tank,stronghold, roadblock, and for some reason they are showing up on all the same maps, my maps are called winter stronghold trrv1.0 same goes for the other maps mentioned above. now when i play the stock stronghold map while the mod is activated. it shows the snow textures. i cant figure this out at all. my thought might be i need to change the env. file on my maps to match the map name. maybe that would get rid of the problem and the winter maps would read the winter textures and the stock maps would read the stock green env. textures. any help is great! thanks all bludawg
  7. im looking for this guy anyone know where i can find him i have his mod but no email and wanted to ask him some questions. thanks all
  8. ok cool . i think there is a tute on doing the icons.was you talking about doing new kits like with a famas or any new gun? or just changing the stock gr kits around? but any help is great. do you happen to know of someone that has done multi player skins seems i cant figure out what files i need to copy in orgmiss and mp1 so i can edit them with new camo so i can get the 4 multi player teams some new camo lmao thanks again
  9. ok im doing up a new mod for match play on war-leagues and they asked me about adding some new kits to it with the new retextured maps im making. ive never made a kit. so would someone be interested in doing a few dont have to be alot just a few new kits. and of course you would be in the credits for your work. or does someone know of a mod already out that the owner would like to add to my maps i dont know if this can even be done . kinda new to this thanks all
  10. ok thanks but i still have the problem with the helmet i edit it to match my skin and everything but after i do my chr file and atr file i load it up in game and its still the green helmet. why wont it change texters/skin is there another a file i need to do this i see some mods with differ types of helmets and sitting all alone in a folder.
  11. i did my first skin and to me looks great , but the helmet wont change still the darn green camo. im trying to change it over to a black helmet . any help would be great . how do we post pistures here?
  12. i have the skinner 1.0 but none of the links for the download on gr.net work for me in the download section. i get a error at fileplanet. can someone send the patch1.1 to me plz? pretty plz thanks
  13. is there a tute somewhere that tells you what files and all the good stuff to get skins to work in a mutli player game for gr/mp1/mp2 im getting tired of making this stuff and it not working lol yes im new but determined to get into this. someone should make one for us noobs if there isnt one out there. thanks all
  14. i have a plug in for photoshop that lets you make your own color and set the size to what ever you want. very easy to use and matches the grids on all gr,ds and it maps. made by filter factory gallery . if you need it yell ill even give you the settings so all you have to do is clk it and your done . my msn igs_bludawg@hotmail.com blu
  15. ok i got the skinning down and made some nice winter camo for a new mod for IGS gaming league matching. even did some retextured maps but i need winter camo for them. ive read the tutes and did everything it said but in multi player for teams in lastman standing im still getting all the green camo. lmao what files or folders do i need to work on to get the 4 teams camo to be winter and not green . the maps im working on are ds and gr.or if someone knows of a skin modder that would like to be a part of this little mod and be mentioned plz give me his name and ill get in touch with him. thanks for the help guys i really want to learn this modding stuff its a kick in the butt. blu
  16. hello all im looking to make some new maps for IGS leagues. They use Trr style maps for play.(total random respawns) this gets rid of spawn killing.And we are wanting to change the day maps to night and night maps to day. also add some new weather types .And how do you change the start off spawns for eah of the 4 teams(team1,2,3 and 4)These maps are for team style play. i think this is a easy question i hope if someone wants to chat on msn or ventrilo it would be great and you would be mentioned on the release also. igs_bludawg@hotmail.com is my msn. ill give ventrilo info later if someone needs it. bludawg
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